Keto Questions: What to Ask Your Waiter at a Restaurant Before You Order


When you’re on the key to diet and thinking about the next restaurant order that you’d like to make, it can be difficult to know what to say. We’re going to review some great keto questions that you can ask.

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Keto Questions
Keto Questions To Ask Your Waiter

It is undeniable that the keto diet was one of the most popular in the past century, especially because of its ability to help the body burn fat. You only need to look at all the amounts of classes, books and best keto supplements that have sprung up over the past few years to see what we mean. It is a diet that is fairly strict when it comes to various food groups and there are certain types of food that you will not want to eat. It is therefore unsurprising that any restaurant order will have to be thought about in a careful manner, so how are you going to ask your waiter to ensure that you’re able to go keto even when dining at a restaurant? Fortunately for you, we’ve formulated some brilliant questions that you can ask when trying to make a restaurant menu order.

Going Keto

Have you ever wondered what exactly the ketogenic diet is all about? It’s essentially one that permits fat but discourages carbohydrates. You lower the number of carbs you eat and substitute what you would have eaten with fat. As a result of this, your body is put into a metabolic state called ketosis whereby any fat consumed or stored is burnt for energy. If you don’t enquire about what goes into the recipes on the menu, your waiter could end up filling out a restaurant order form incorrectly, comprising your ketogenic diet.

Can I have extra butter?

Remember that the ketogenic diet is all about substituting carbohydrates for fat. You shouldn’t be worried about asking for extra butter or oil to drizzle all over your food. It may sound a little awkward and an intuitive, but this is perfectly healthy if you’re going to stick to a keto diet. If you are getting some shrug looks from people in the restaurant, simply ignore them! You know what you need to do to stick to this diet and you’ll be surprised just how understanding restaurant staff will be.

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Do you have any substitutes for …?

This is an absolute must-ask question. Every fresh to order restaurant must have some alternatives on offer. As an example, just because fries commonly go with a burger, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the waiter can’t substitute them with a light salad. You don’t need to worry about ordering eggs Benedict without the iconic English muffin or rice bowls without any rice. The list is endless and there are endless possibilities for substitutions available at any good restaurant.

Keto Questions
Basic Keto Questions

What can I get to drink as I’m on a keto diet?

Anyone who is on this diet knows that they need to ditch fruit juice and carbonated drinks because they often contain excessive levels of sugar and carbohydrate. We would recommend instead to drink the water, coffee, not milk or bone broth. Don’t be afraid to ask this question before making a restaurant order, because the staff will most likely know how to handle such questions. As different diets are becoming ever more popular in this day and age, restaurants need to keep up with the trends and train their staff to deal with them.

Does this dish come with a sauce?

Sometimes it can be difficult to know the answer to this question if the menu is unclear or if the restaurant order system doesn’t make room for sauce options, however, the vast majority of sources are not ideal for ketogenic diets. Sauces commonly contain wheat flour, cornstarch or other thickening agents that are carb-rich and so are off the table. As an alternative, perhaps the waiter will be able to suggest other meals with the same consistency such as salads with oil or vinegar dressing. Just make it clear that carbohydrates and sugars are not what you want to consume with your meal.

I’m following a ketogenic diet – what kind of Indian dishes can I get?
Surprisingly, there are many different options that Indian cuisine can offer for low carbohydrate diets. While it is true that the vast majority of Indian cuisine contains carbohydrates, you’ll be surprised how many restaurants can offer low carb tandoori dishes or no potato curries. Indulging in something like pannier is also great, as are many other fresh Indian kinds of cheese. Make sure that you ask your waiter about every ingredient before serving, checking that something unfamiliar isn’t slipped in by accident.

Keto Questions
Keto Questions

A safe restaurant order

Hopefully, now that you’ve read this guide, you have an arsenal of questions to conform to a ketogenic diet in a restaurant. It should be as easy as confirming the order with restaurant uber eats or some other company that understands Keto inside out. It is always best to err on the side of caution, always taking precautions, so don’t forget to ask if you’re unsure about any part of the menu. Restaurant staff is there to run a good service and part of this is to listen attentively to customers’ needs. Remember that if you don’t ask, you don’t get, so engage with the restaurant order holder. Hopefully, the next time you dine at a restaurant, it won’t be a restaurant of order mistakes!

Have you ever had trouble with order restaurant supplies? Ever encountered some strange mishaps in your local restaurant? We’d love to hear about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.



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