How To Understand Cat Behavior, if it loves you or hates you


We are used to the thinking that cats are arrogant, narcissistic creatures of their own mind. However, scientists have recently found out that domestic cats are much kinder and more peaceful than they seem. People just do not understand cat behavior and what they should say to their beloved cat. Maybe your cat confesses its love to you, but you do not even realize it.

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HowAndWhys loves cats and always wants to know what they are thinking about, so we have made a list of cat behavior to help you read the thoughts of your pet and understand cat body language.

Cat loves humans

Understand Cat Behavior
Understand Cat Behavior/Pixabay

1. When the cat comes up and rubs its back right over your face.

It means something like “Hi, I’m fine.” Cats living on the same territory generally sniff at each other’s under tail several times a day. Your pet trusts you and wants to say that it is doing well.

2. Licks your hands as if it takes out lice

Your cat considers you a member of its pride, the youngest and possibly unreasonable member. It cares about your hygiene because without it, you will not be able to lick yourself

3. Sniffs your face (or the face of another cat)

This is a greeting. The cat is bored and shows that you should not go for a long time.

Understand Cat Behavior
Taylor Swift with her cat/Instagram

4. The cat lies on its back

Your pet trusts you. But be careful when you want to touch its stomach: some cats do not tolerate being touched in this area. First, the skin there is very sensitive. And secondly, the cat will instinctively protect the vulnerable spot and bite you. Sometimes, a cat falls on its back in front of its enemy. So it shows that it is not dangerous and the enemy can go their own way.

5. The cat leaned against you with its side

Doing so, the animal is looking for support. Or maybe it’s just warming up or hinting that it’s time to eat.

6. It lies on its side, its back legs are elongated

It means your cat is relaxing, you can come and cuddle with it.

7. The cat is sitting still

It is possible that the pet feels a bit cold, and its paws are pressed close to its body. It is a good idea to switch on the central heating.

 8. Its face looks up, and the cat’s mustache is leaned forward.

Understand Cat Behavior
Understand Cat Behavior/Instagram

Your pet is enjoying life. This pose is the cats’ analog of a human’s smile.

9. A cat sniffs shoes or socks and suddenly opens its mouth.

It seems as if it is sick of feels an unpleasant smell. Cats have a Jacobson organ (or vomeronasal organ), which is located in its mouth. Cats use it only if the smell is of strong interest.

People also have this organ, and it is located in the nose, but scientists still do not exactly know why we need it.

Cat tolerates humans

Understand Cat Behavior
Understand Cat Behavior/YouTube

1. The cat lowers its head and closes its eyes tight

It does not want to communicate with you. If closing eyes does not help, the cat turns its head. Cats often turn away when they are photographed: they do not like to pose.

2. Turns with its back

You scold the cat for pranks, and it turns away? It does not ignore, but simply tries to calm itself and wants to calm you down. Likewise, cats behave with raging kittens.

Understand Cat Behavior
Nala cat/[email protected]_cat)

3. The cat passes by, its tail is raised and slightly trembling

You have been noticed, but the pet has no time to communicate now: it has more important things to do.

4. Heads its ears in different directions

It is also a calming position. If you or your child want cuddles with your cat, but it heads its ears in different directions, it means that the pet does not like your actions.

5. Licking himself after you caressed it

Your cat is primarily a predator, even if it has never seen a mouse in his life. The pet “washes down” your smell from itself, so that its potential victim does not smell aromas of strangers.

cat language
Nala cat/[email protected]_cat)

6. Sleeping while covering its nose in a blanket. Or dozing, turning to the wall

That means you make a lot of noise. The cat tries to isolate itself from annoying sounds.

7. The cat constantly lies on the border between two rooms

As if a cat doesn’t know where to go, or is waiting for you to stumble over it. In fact, your cat protects its territory.

8. The cat lowered the face down, the back of the body is raised

It saw something equally dangerous and interesting. Your pet is excited, and when it is in this position, it is better not to touch it.

Cats have depression when an owner does not pay attention to their desires. When it does not get any attention or, on the contrary, is caressed too often, is not fed on time and so on, the animal begins to suffer.

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At first, your pet will express its sadness with loud cries, will rush right under your feet. And then, it starts to feel sad and refuse food. A domestic cat cannot live happily without the attention of a person – do not forget about it.

Cat is angry

cat behavior
Nala cat/[email protected]_cat

Usually, cats do not attack first. They “warn” before scratching or biting. And owners need to be aware of what an irritated cat looks like in order to minimize the risk of being scratched. Here are the signs to understand cat behavior when it is aggressive:

  • Head high and tail raised.
  • The cat wags its tail and growls.
  • The cat looks into your eyes.
  • The mustache and ears of a tensed cat are laid back.

Do you understand your cat? Tell us about the habits of your pet.

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