Do you drink vitamins? Why Do You Need Vitamins Supplements?


Dozens of articles about the benefits of vitamins appear every month, and it only confuses more. Why do you need vitamins supplements, what should not, in what form are vitamins better absorbed? Here are the recommendations of experts on how to act in different life situations.

First of all, pay attention to the presence of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. It is better not to use vitamins that contain many chemicals (and sugar). In addition, with a varied diet, most likely, you already get the necessary vitamins.

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Here are some vitamins supplements you can take in different cases.

1. Intensive training

Nothing. Manufacturers of sports nutrition insist on protein shakes, but they can be replaced by meat, eggs, tofu, dairy products. It is important not to create a calorie deficit in order to build muscle. By the way, excess protein is not good for health at all!

2. Constant fatigue

Vitamins Supplements
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Vitamins supplements can help. Fatigue is often caused by a shortage of certain substances. For example, iron deficiency reduces hemoglobin, the body is worse saturated with oxygen. Vitamins of group B help to receive energy from food.

So, after passing the tests it is useful to take iron supplements, vitamin C, as well as B2, B6, and B12.

But they should not be the only way to deal with fatigue, so ask a specialist. The problem may be, for example, in chronic fatigue syndrome and even in reduced bowel function.

3. Seasonal affective disorder

Vitamins supplements may be helpful.

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4. Perious

When you lose a lot of blood, the level of iron decreases. And if you still do not eat meat, the situation worsens.

5. Frequent illness

A little help from supplements won’t hurt. It is best to take the aforementioned vitamin D, as well as vitamin C and zinc.

6. Preparing for pregnancy

Vitamins are really necessary. Opt for folic acid in the preparation and until the end of the first trimester, the recommended dose is 400 mg per day. It is also helpful to drink vitamins D and E.

7. Skin problems

Vitamins help. Dairy products and foods with a high glycemic index may exacerbate the rash. They are well-resisted by zinc, as well as dietary fiber. But you cannot cancel other remedies!

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