Were Aliens Behind Dr. Von Braun’s Success? He Predicted “ELON” Would Take Humans To Mars

There are few sci-fiction stories written in the past that came out to be true. Beginning with Jules Verne's 1865

By Vicky Verma

Mysterious Gravitational Waves that Hit Earth Could Be A Sign Of Betelgeuse Star Explosion

Mysterious gravitational waves that were sent to Earth are usually caused by cataclysmic events in the universe. Scientists think that

By Vicky Verma

Mysterious Masks & Stone Flutes Found In South America Hint Giants Lived On Earth

The theory of the existence of giants that roamed on Earth thousands of years ago is a hot topic among

By Vicky Verma

Top 5 Reasons Helicopter Skiing Is Most Thrilling Sport

Not everyone likes to live a mainstream life. Some are daring and like adventures in their lives. They want the

By Hassan Khan Yousafzai

200,000-year-old Ancient City Found In Africa: Is It Anunnaki Structures before the flood?

There are millions of people around the globe who believe that hundreds of thousands of years ago, ancient gods (Anunnaki)

By Vicky Verma

Arcturians Living 150 Light Years From Earth Near Arcturus Star Protect Humans From Evil Aliens

The Arcturians are described as one of the most advanced extraterrestrial civilizations in the universe. They belong to the inhabitants

By Vicky Verma

Uri Geller Touched Crashed UFO Metal & Traveled To NASA Secret Location With Wernher Von Braun

Uri Geller is a popular name in the world of psychics. From bending spoons to working with the CIA and

By Vicky Verma

Nan Madol: 14,000-Year-Old High-Tech Mysterious City In Middle Of The Pacific Ocean?

Nan Madol, which is located near the southern side of the Federated States of Micronesia, is the only ancient city

By Vicky Verma