Voyager-1 Sends Mysterious Data To NASA: Can Aliens Use Our Probes To Destroy Earth?

Voyager-1 is the only artificial spacecraft that successfully left the Solar system and is still sending data back to Earth.

By Vicky Verma

Giant Ancient Palpa Geoglyphs Are 1000 Years Older Than Nazca Lines, Who Created Them?

Nazca plateau in Peru is not the only place with geoglyphs. Around 15 to 20 miles north of the city

By Vicky Verma

Hundreds of Govt./Military Whistleblowers Already Claimed UFOs Are Alien Technology

Recently, Christopher Mellon, a former Defense for Intelligence official confirmed that he knows the names of individuals who are going

By Vicky Verma

15 isolated places on the planet where you cannot go

On the globe, there are almost isolated places where the human foot has not stepped ever. And if it did

By Vicky Verma

Three Mile Lake UFO Sightings 1975: UFO Landed On Road, & Concerned Call From White House

One of the most exciting UFO sighting cases is from the archives of ufologist Henry McKay that involves a spaceship,

By Vicky Verma

Strange Coincidence: 7 Mysterious Creatures Appeared In Many Ancient Cultures

From the books about ancient history, we know that people used to worship many gods, but have you heard about

By Vicky Verma

5 Hollywood Celebrities Who Have Tried Keto Diet And Seen Incredible Changes

Keto diet is not new to this world. It has been there for decades, and people try to embrace it

By Adam Reeve

Abnormality In Egyptian Pharaoh DNA: Was He An Alien Hybrid?

The ancient Egyptians tried to erase his legacy from history, so very little is known about him. But what we

By Vicky Verma