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Mexican Alien Bodies Are Authentic, Non-Human & Unknown To Science, Scientists Say

Mexican alien mummies have once again returned to the media spotlight, this time with factual evidence that supports the authenticity

There is DVD of US Intelligence Members Communicating with Extraterrestrials, Former US Military Claims

Former US intelligence officer David Grusch testified before Congress during the July 2023 UAP hearing, stating that we have numerous

Turkey Kumburgaz UFO Videos Are 100% Real With Clear View Of Alien Entities Sitting Inside Craft

A series of UFO incidents occurred between 2007 and 2009 in the town of Kumburgaz, situated near Istanbul, Turkey. The

Ex-CIA Officer Encountered With Reptilian Alien; Says Reptilian Race Walking Among Us 

In 2021, John Ramirez, who spent 25 years in the CIA, came out as a vocal speaker on UAPs and

Vicky Verma By Vicky Verma


Journalist Reveals First-Ever Photograph of UFO Shot Down in Syria in 2021

There is a series of shooting down unidentified objects around the world that involves the

By Vicky Verma

Ex-US Navy Officer Saw ‘Non-human Entities’ In His Bedroom After ‘Gimbal UFO’ Encounter

The Gimbal UFO event stands as a significant pillar in the UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena)

By Vicky Verma

David Grusch Says Multiple Alien Species Are On Earth & UAP Phenomena Is Ancient

Former US intelligence officer David Grusch appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience, providing additional details

By Vicky Verma


Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell Reveals UFO Secret: Skin Of Craft Seemed Alive Like A Biological Being

What are UFOs? The question that has been buzzing for decades might not have a simple explanation. From alien spaceships

By Vicky Verma

From Pascagoula to Monticello: Mississippi’s Never Told UFO Encounter

Quite naturally, the October 11, 1973, alien abduction case featuring Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson in Pascagoula, Mississippi, took the

By Philip Mantle

Journalist Claims UFOs & Aliens Are Linked With Afterlife & NDEs, Which Exist In Another Dimension

In recent years, the discussion surrounding UAPs has gained new momentum due to groundbreaking revelations and insights from researchers like

By Vicky Verma

Journalist Claims Aliens Engaging With Earth Will Be Revealed In 12-18 Months: They Look Like ‘Greys’

Former US intelligence official David Grusch has set a benchmark for numerous anonymous whistleblowers to step forward and reveal the

By Vicky Verma

Mexican Dead Alien Bodies are Not a Hoax: They Have Humanoid Features, Researchers Say

On September 12, 2023, the Mexican government hosted a historic UAP hearing, organized by the Commission of Science and Technology

By Vicky Verma

Tom Delonge Has UFO Secrets That Kept Him Up For 3 Nights: ‘These Beings Have Been Around Forever’

There are many things happening within the UAP phenomenon. With the recent Mexican UAP hearings, the entire world has come

By Vicky Verma

Mike Pence Admits Briefed on UFOs, Visited Area 51 but Did Not See Aliens

The UAP disclosure has been soaring around the world. After the July 2023 US congressional hearings on UAPs/UFO phenomena, the

By Vicky Verma