Remote Viewer Finds 100,000-Year-Old Alien Robot Attacked Minnesota Deputy 43 Years Ago

The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States is credited for bringing out the psychic phenomenon called remote viewing, which

By Vicky Verma

March 1974: Shocking UFO Wave Hit Sweden, Close Encounters & Total 31 Witnesses

The most famous UFO cases take place in the United States, as the media is actively working on the subject

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Bizarre Alien Encounter Of Brazil Soldier: Aliens Offered him Job & Live 7 Years With Them

A Brazilian soldier never thought that a normal fishing day for him would turn into a horrific incident of a

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Former Apollo Astronaut Claimed Ancient Alien Astronauts Created Humans, Evidence In Sumerian Texts

For decades, many authors and researchers have been inspired by the idea that the human race was created by Ancient

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8 Ways To Choose A Perfect Vapor Cigarette

There is a huge selection of electronic cigarettes available in the market which differentiates in appearance, color, length, taste, and

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Ancient Chinese Civilization Carved Mysterious Figures That Resemble Space Aliens

For a long time, it had been believed that the Chinese civilization was originated in the Yellow River basin, and

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Do you drink vitamins? Why Do You Need Vitamins Supplements?

Dozens of articles about the benefits of vitamins appear every month, and it only confuses more. Why do you need vitamins

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Lady of Stars: Egyptian Goddess Who Nearly Killed Human Race

It has been a mystery how ancient Egypt and Sumeria flourished in the past. The civilizations of these two historical

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