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Welcome to HowAndWhys. It is about the basic technique, science, formulae, or reasons behind the things we see daily. We live in this growing world with new inventions and upgradations of necessary routine items, but this all is invisible to us because we don’t look at them with our curious eyes. Our life is always ready to deal with upcoming news, regarding our lifestyle or necessity, but we adapt to them without knowing the reason behind, so this blog is all about those hidden facts on which our daily routine depends.

How do things happen? Why do they happen? When did they happen? What is logic? So this blog will help you understand the meaning of “How, When and Why.”


In this blog, we cover the six main categories (science & technology, sports & health, fashion & lifestyle, music & entertainment, relations & relationships, travel & cars), and you can see the breathtaking and exciting topics in each of these categories.

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