5 Online Dating Success Stories That Will Make You Believe in Love Again


Sometimes, it seems like all that we ever hear about online dating are horror stories, but these heart-warming true stories prove that love is also out there.

We don’t have to think very far back to remember when online dating was shrouded in murky stereotypes of lonely dweebs and desperate spinsters looking for other weirdos online who couldn’t carry a conversation in real life. Now, with most of us always online with our smartphones, it seems like those who haven’t tried finding love online are the ones missing out. There’s never been a more appropriate time to log on to the best dating sites and take a chance on finding some warmth and affection on the Internet. Here are five of our best online dating experiences from the couples who have beaten the odds and found the love of their lives online.

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Online Dating Success Stories
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Mallory & Trevor

Mallory: “I was never super-psyched about the idea of online dating sites. I’d always been kind of old-fashioned for my age and assumed all the men using online dating were either serial killers or nymphomaniacs. One night after work, I was at the bar with my work bestie, and after a few drinks, she more or less forced me to sign up for an online dating site. Through the hangover the next day, I’d almost forgotten about it until I started getting strange messages in my inbox. I was deleting them one by one in a state of embarrassment until one of the messages caught my eye: the guy sounded sweet and made a cute Jimmy Stewart reference after seeing I liked black and white romantic comedies in my profile. I met Trevor a week later for a coffee, and he was such a sweet guy. We clicked instantly. Six months on, we’d moved in together, and we’re still going strong five years later. I’d always considered myself someone who fell in love with people for who they are inside, and in a lot of ways, talking to someone during online dating lets you see those parts of a person first. So, yeah, more fool me for talking bad about online dating advice so much.”

Doug & Chris

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Doug: “I’d just gotten out of a two-year relationship with a good guy, but we had some big differences between where we wanted our lives to go, so we called it quits. I got on Grindr for a while, and while it was fun, none of the encounters felt like the best online dating experiences. Almost straight away, I could tell Chris was different. Instead of kicking me out in the morning, he made me breakfast and took me along to a farmers’ market, then an art gallery. We ended up spending almost a whole week together, even though I was worried I was getting pulled in too soon. A year later, and I’m in deeper than I could have imagined, and I love every second of it.”

Jonathan & Cleo

Jonathan: “I used to travel for work a lot, so online dating was something I’d gotten used to when I had a night to kill in a strange city on a layover between business trips. This one night, I’d flicked on Tinder drinking in the hotel bar, and thank God I did, because there was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. I opened with some dumb joke about the local sports team, and not only do I find this girl’s a sports fanatic, but she also had a killer sense of humor. I knew I had to see her, but she said she wasn’t getting off work till much later, so why not swing by her job and she’d buy me a drink. I grabbed a taxi to the place, only to find out she was working the bar in a karaoke club. I was glad I’d had a couple of drinks before, but I went in, and it was a pretty quiet night, just a group of Japanese photocopier salesmen in town for an expo singing around a couple of tables at the back. In the end, I stayed there the whole night, giving Cleo my very worst impersonations of Dean Martin and Steven Tyler. We decided to stay in touch and swapped messages every day, and the next time my work brought me back, we had a proper date. Now, many dates later, we’re married and living together, thanks to the best online dating experience ever.”

Patricia & Chelsea

Patricia: “I had just gone through a nasty divorce with my husband and hadn’t felt like going on a date, much less leaving the house. Still, I was lonely and hated getting into a cold bed every night. I was spending so much of the day on the Internet that eventually, I got curious and started looking at online dating sites to see if anyone was listening. Having found an online flower arranging club to swap messages with, I was immediately struck by how my conversations with one member stood out from the rest. Chelsea was bold and shameless, with a wicked tongue. She felt like she had everything that I used to want before I got married. When she reciprocated my interest back, I assumed she must have felt sorry for me, but we kept swapping messages. Eventually, she invited me with her on a wine tasting weekend. I don’t know how things turned from friendship to something more. It wasn’t something either of us verbalized, but things just happened. Now, the only man in our lives is Poirot, our German sheepdog, and thanks to online dating I’ve got the life that I’d never known I’d so badly wanted.”

Gus & Marie

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Gus: “A couple of years ago I was in a band with some of my old coworkers. I didn’t think we were great, but it was a fun excuse to hangout with friends and get some free drinks at the little shows we used to play. One day I got an online message from one of our live recordings posted to one of the tube sites. This girl Marie, she sounded real cool, and to my complete amazement was very insistent in knowing where to buy our records and when we’d be playing her town next. I sent her a copy of my EP and told her I’d get her a ticket if she came to our next show. Even though it was a long drive, I saw Marie at the front of the crowd that night and after the show, we hit it off straight away and kept up the relationship long distance with online dating. It’s been great, and we have the marriage planned for next year, God willing.”

Online Dating Can Find Love

With a few online dating tips and a little courage, it’s easier than ever to make genuine connections on online dating sites. Now has never been a better time to put yourself out there, and who knows? Maybe your soulmate is just a few clicks away.

Patricia Jackson is a psychologist and relationship expert. She has recently discovered her talent as a writer and shares her experience and thoughts about love, relationships, and family with others. Patricia loves to spend her free time with her family, travel together, and develop her creative talents.
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