ANGER MANAGEMENT: 7 ways to control your anger


When we stifle rage and feel anger, it is difficult to pull yourself together immediately and find the anger management. Remember, that the decisions that we take in a state of extreme irritation or anger, often play against us. However, it must be done anyway, so here are a few steps for anger management that will help you settle down quickly and find the most reasonable way out of the situation and know about anger management.

  1.  Acknowledge your anger management
    Trying to pretend that everything is all right, when in fact we have a wave of indignation explodes, not only calms down but can be harmful to the health. An inner dialogue with yourself will give you a little emotional breathing and will move to a more constructive state where you can think about the best solution for the situation and anger management.
  2.  Write a letter to yourself
    If the dialogue with yourself does not help, try to describe your feelings in details. It will be better if you write by hand what is currently bothering you, angering or frightening. In the process of writing, you will understand the reason for your worries better. Perhaps your reaction is caused by a memory of some things that you have already experienced, and you are afraid of repeating an unpleasant situation? Does the person who angry you behave like someone whom you have painful memories about? Your sketches will allow you to look at the situation abstractly and help with anger management.
  3. Transform emotions into movements
    If we manage to take control of the impulses of our body, it will be possible to cope with emotions. Start with breathing exercises. Take a few deep breaths and exhalations, turn your head and hands in the area of the wrist. In an emotionally heated state, these exercises will prove to be more useful than an imaginary (or real) fight with a person who has driven you mad. To fix the effect, do any activity that is pleasant to you – jogging, dancing, jumping. It will not only not allow the negative feelings to stop influencing on you from within, but will also effectively destroy them. If you feel that you need to cry out or, on the contrary, want to laugh, help your body to cope with stress and allow yourself to express your feelings.
  4. Think about the good that you have
    If you can not calm down and find the anger management after talking with a friend, or you have been touched by the rude words of a person from the lineup, perhaps now is the time to reflect on what you can be grateful for. Think of people who love you and are good for you. You have a house, life plans, you are healthy. And this is much more important than those events that do not have any impact on your future. Look at the picture of your life more extensively, and you will see how insignificant this episode is.
  5. Try to forgive
    Try to imagine the circumstances of the life of the person who was rude and unfair to you. Probably, his life is deprived of psychological comfort and aggression – a reaction to stress and dissatisfaction with life. Think about it with sympathy. It will help you to feel like a person who manages the situation and does not go about the manipulation of others.
  6. Share only with those who understand you
    If you have a close person, a frank conversation of the souls can help to regulate your feelings. However, be careful in choosing a confident – not everyone will be able to listen, remaining delicate and not injuring incautious words. You can suddenly feel that the interlocutor is hard or uninterested to speak on this topic.
  7. Be attentive to yourself to get anger management
    Sometimes it seems that we have solved the problem and don’t feel anger, but the consequences of our experiences haunt us in the form of irritability, insomnia, and sometimes current depression. In this case, professional help can help us to find the true causes and psychological traps.

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3 years ago

I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post…