Relationship problems: what a man should never do in the relationship


We all want our relationships to be harmonical and based on love. Nevertheless, in any couple sooner or later relationship problems start. There can be many various reasons for them, but it’s worth mentioning that in most cases our words and actions matter.As women are more careful in words and actions, as a rule, today let’s find out, what a man should never so to avoid relationship problems.

I think that it’s clear that a man shouldn’t say that his woman isn’t beautiful enough or unworthy. But, moreover, he shouldn’t say that there are women better and more beautiful.

Let’s put an example. Imagine that a couple is watching a movie. A man shouldn’t say “Look, what a beautiful actress”, as it may make his wife feel pain. Don’t compliment other women in her presence and even when she is absent: she will feel it on the mental level. Just don’t consider that there is somebody better than your significant other.

If only a man thinks so, remember this principle: if you were conscious and sure about her when choosing a partner, but now you think that there is somebody better, you are silly – and it’s logical. All in all, first doubt in yourself, not in your spouse, as many family psychologists believe that such attitude will help to avoid many relationship problems.

If now you are laughing and think that it’s all not that important, just know: your woman’s sexuality depends on her stress level. One recent research showed, that women who hear compliments or kind words every day from their beloved men, not only avoid relationship problems, but their sexual activity becomes better.

If you criticise your woman, she will feel depression. Mind the fact, that to avoid scandals and other relationship problems, women prefer not to talk about things which offend them in their couple life.

Sex is the most intimate and close part of the relationship. A close relationship is possible when there are only 2 people in it: after uniting your couple none of you has the relationship with somebody else. If this intimacy is torn even once, and a man has two women, the closeness in a hot main couple will become two times less.
During the depression, in the stress, the level of the main male hormone testosterone rises in her body, and she becomes introverted and angry. Very soon she stops being interested in the sexual part of your life, as she doesn’t have any trust in you anymore.

The difference between men and women is that for a woman her inner feelings are important to want her man, but for a man only her sexual and attractive look matters, even if they had a quarrelsome minute ago.

Your woman’s sexual desire will grow day by day if she trusts you and believes in you, but if only you start criticising her, it all will disappear up to the better times.

Being insulted and having a sexual desire at the same time is impossible for a woman. In sex, it’s necessary to be maximally open for her, and it will happen if she trusts you. A trust means that she is sure to you, that you will always support her and protect from the negative of external events and from her own bad feelings.

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