Speed dating events- what are these events and how is it popular ?


We live in a very fast world – fast speed and fast information, we wear fast fashion and eat fast food, so it’s high time to meet people with speed dating – fast dating to find your best partner.
So what is speed dating?

Speed dating is a club party made in a form of a date. It’s an active mini-date for lonely people.

The main rules are:
1. The number of men and women is same.
2. All of them have nametags with their names.
3. Every table is for two people.
4. Every conversation lasts 5-7 minutes.

So, some girls go into a special room, every girl chooses a table for herself and sits on the chair. Then guys come to every girl in turns and have a conversation. When a fixed time is over the couples change. So one guy comes to one girl, they have a talk, then he goes to another one, and our girl at the same time gets another guy for talking. As a rule, the girls stay sitting, only the boys change their positions in the circle.


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The aim of such dating is to become friends and maybe start a relationship or get married in future, moreover, the number of potential partners helps to get rid of unnecessary variants quite fast.

When all the dating is finished, all the girls give their notes with the names of the guys they became interested into the waitress. Guys also have such notes and do the same, so if one couple chooses each other, they will go on a usual date.

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Normally they have 10 mini-datings for 70 minutes.
Of course, there are some pros and cons for speed dating.

Among pluses there are:
•You don’t have to waste your time on seeking the potential partners.
•You can see a person in reality, so it’s much better than meeting a person online.
• Organizations make the group of the fixed age, so you don’t have to talk with a person who is much older or younger than you.
• You don’t have to prepare for the dating for lying – the conversations are informal, simple and pleasant.
• You will not feel uncomfortable if you don’t like the person – just wait for some minutes and you will get another one.
• It’s a nice way to spend your time if you are lonely – you will get new impressions and emotions anyway.
Some of the minuses are:
▪Such type of dating is like a conveyor – it doesn’t look romantic enough.
▪Nobody can guarantee that you will find a partner or even a person with whom you will feel pleasure to continue any relations.
▪Different people come to such dating, so some of them can talk about indecent things.
▪You may be tired after talking to 10-15 people.
▪ Even if you found a good person and he is also interested in you, in future, you will have to keep his interest and develop it.

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So, if you decided to try it, where to go, what to talk about and wear?
As a rule, such speed dating is set in the restaurants or cafes, so search on the Internet the best variant for yourself.

Introduce yourself and tell a bit about your hobby, interests, favorite music and movies, be honest and ask unusual questions. Don’t talk about weather, money, politics or pets. Don’t believe every word of your interlocutor. Don’t be afraid to improvise and joke.

Wear nice, stylish clothes, not too bright and comfortable.

During your dating just be yourself and relax – you came here to get pleasure.
Share ur view in comments: Have you ever tried speed dating? Do you think it’s a good way to find your beloved person?

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