Tress hair extensions – the best way to get long hair right now


Everybody will agree that long hair looks fresh, pretty and modern, but only if your hair has a good quality and you have the patience to grow it. Upgrading your appearance with trees hair extensions is very popular nowadays – it’s a fast, safe and available cold method of hair extensions. Tress hair extensions offer the full range of quality hair extension techniques to women who want to add volume, length and extra colors to their hair.

2017 hot trend: Balayage – sun-kissed hair effect

In comparison with hot methods, like Italian capsule hair extensions, trees hair extension is safer – it doesn’t mean any thermic effect on hair. Tresses are the first unique way to increase the length and volume of your hair without the need of taking them off. Tresses are extended hair, fixed in one row on a narrow, but the very solid thread.

Their length is usually from 40 to 70 centimeters, which you can buy in special shops or online.
More rare models are up to 1 meter, but it’s quite hard to find natural hair of this length and a good quality, so they are expensive.

Pixelated hair color -A brand new trend hair style

Of course, false hair are also available for the tress hair extensions, but they are not good enough for permanent extensions – their structure can be easily distinguished from natural.
There are 2 ways of tress making – manual and factory. The manual way is much harder and takes more time – the more narrow the strands are, the more natural the extension looks.

The factory way is more popular – all the strands are put smoothly and equally, the hair is not falling down while combing.

Stylists use a heated glue gun to drop bits of glue onto hair, they mold into a round ball and use to fix on the extension. Unlike a wig, the hairdo extension clips on to the back of the head, which allows for the client’s natural hair to blend with the extensions – around the whole head. Same tresses can be used for more than one time, moreover, you can curl them, cut or change their color.

If your tresses are made of false hair, you may do any changes with them – after thermic effect, they will become even more beautiful, but if they are made of natural human hair, remember about simple rules: don’t heat them too often and use special cover balms.

The whole process takes up to six hours for a full head. Go to a professional if you want to be sure that all the tresses will stay on their places and will not fall down, shocking you and other people. Normally the next correction will be needed in 2 months. Don’t wait for the next correction for too long – if you don’t want to damage your own hair and become bald, of course.

Try not to use the hairdryer often – let them dry naturally. Care about them with shampoo, balms and a fine-tooth comb.

Anyway, some people have idiosyncrasy – itching or the scalp peeling, but most girls even don’t feel the tresses on their head.

Share ur view in comments: Have you ever tried tress hair extensions? What is your best way to get long hair fast?

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