Pixelated hair color -A brand new trend hair style


A new hot trend will help you to stay tuned for your look – nobody will be same like you if you try to do it – a unique hairstyle, pixelated hair color.

Sounds quite strange at the first glance, right?
Its technical term is Xpression Pixel, and it’s for those, who want something different than the trending style.

Pixelated hair are widely popular in Spain, New York, London; they also slowly become at the peak of popularity in whole world, and it seems they will stay there for a long time.
It feels like having a ring from the lights, as color changes depending on how the hair is brushed. A bright and creative solution, which reminds pixels in photos or Tetris games, so get the new ideas and inspiration playing old video games from your childhood.

Pixelated hair can fit any look, any nail polish color, they match with any clothes colors, can help you look well-dressed and stylish even if you don’t have time or efforts for morning make-up.

With pixels, you may combine some colors or play with different tints of the one chosen color. Decide if you will have it along the whole length or only emphasize one small part on your hair. Make a couple hair-do with your best friend \ beloved person. Change your pixel colors every month or stick to one favorite design.
But how do they do it?
First, make an outline in a pixel shape. Then group them little by little, because it’s necessary to see the outline. Using some hair dye apply it to little groups of hair, looking at the earlier dye as a reference. Next apply new dye a little above the previous area, having overlapping colors. And repeat the same process. It looks different every time you brush it.
Inspired by pixelation, you may love it. However, it’s difficult to do it at home, as details are very important, so better to go to a well-skilled hair master. But if you want just to try it on, use hair chalk instead of real dye. You may draw any design for yourself, a lightning bolt shape, for example.
Anyway, there are some peculiarities in making pixelated hair color: pixels can be seen well only on straight, short hair, so forget about curls; pixel design can’t be seen in a ponytail on another hairdo; with some time the color can fade.
If only you are ready to do it, give a try, as looking astounding, stylish and original is worth such a trendy choice. And don’t forget to write a hashtag in Instagram under your pic with the new outfit – #xpresionpixel.
It’s not yet clear how this marriage of digital art with real-world hair styling holds up once you leave the salon, but plenty of people have already tried it out. Don’t be afraid to look individual, have fun of the process itself, be up-to-date, so maybe give a chance to pixels and think of this new style.

Share ur view in comments: What do you think of this new style? What is your best way to look unique?
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