2017 hot trend: Balayage – sun-kissed hair effect


One of the most modern hair color 2017 hot trend is Balayage. Balayage hair (also baliage, balliage) – a special skill technique, extremely popular in the UK, for highlighting the hair; the dye is painted to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.

It’s a perfect choice for a fresh new look, also called the sun-kissed blend of colors.

The youthful balayage technique fits any hair type/ color, and any age; it works on both light and dark hair, for all lengths except very short cropped hair.

Balayage gives a gorgeous healthy and expensive finish, and healthy hair is attractive hair, that will never become out-of-date.

Balayage uses freehand painting techniques, so your hairdresser will brush the color directly onto your hair – he has a full freedom of movement, as he can add color wherever he thinks is better.

As a result, you will get a natural look with some little lightening, which resembles sun spots. The effect is a breezy dye job and best of all it looks on dark hair.

To get some cool ideas, look through 40 Balayage Hairstyles – Balayage Hair Color Ideas with Blonde, Brown, Caramel, Red.

To get some cool ideas, look through 40 Balayage Hairstyles – Balayage Hair Color Ideas with Blonde, Brown, Caramel, Red.

But it’s not that easy, as the main thing in Balayage is to know where to put the emphasis (if it will be the front part of the face, the back length hair, or on roots), as it should suit your skin tone, look amazing and really light up your features.

“Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint,” says Jack Howard, hair colourist supremo at Paul Edmonds, “It allows for a natural-looking effect, with subtle, less noticeable regrowth lines than with regular foil highlights”.

Is there any difference between balayage and ombre?

Ombre is the change to a light shade from a dark shade, it involves the top end of your hair being completely dark, the middle is mixed color, and the ends very light.

At the same time, balayage has more natural and sophisticated look, and the ends of the hair still have dark tones.

Balayage is much more individual: the stylist can place the color wherever it suits you.

How long does balayage(2017 hot trend) take to do?

Surprisingly, it’s quite quick and easy work. Usually, it takes 45 minutes or so to apply, but speed only comes with practice.

You can use whatever colors you want – usually use one or two are enough to you get a rich, textured look.

Balayage longs last, as you only need to see your colourist every 12-14 weeks, as the highlights will grow out naturally.

How to balayage(2017 hot trend) your own hair?

It will be better to go to a color specialist if you have really dark hair. Anyway, if you really want to give a try yourself, here are 8 Easy Steps To DIY Balayage Highlights At Home.


It’s low maintenance, looks effortlessly sophisticated, flatters the skin tone, and looks like you really sat in summer all day long.

Use it the whole year round – stay in trend!

Share ur view in comments: Is Balayage for you? What do you like in it? What is your best way for hair coloring?

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