10 tips to avoid Travel Sickness during travelling


When we think about holidays or travelling, it’s like going to the paradise! But, unfortunately, somebody is worried about getting to another place.If you feel fear, sickness, fast heart beating, your head is swimming while going somewhere on any or only one mean of transport, maybe you suffer from the travel sickness. Your brain is like in panic and you don’t know what’s going on: that what it feels and what happens, in reality, is not same. Feels like the whole world is moving.
Well, dear friend, you are not alone in it. 1/3 of all people suffer from the seasickness, but from the carsickness suffers every second person. Actually, it’s not an illness, just your body reaction.

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So, here are some tips which will help you to avoid travel sickness.

  1.  Choose the right sit, there you will not feel moving and shaking that much. In the bus, such seats are near the driver’s place. On the ship, the most comfortable places are in the middle, on the plane – between the wings. That’s why, next time when you will buy tickets, don’t forget to ask for the most comfortable seats.
  2.  In any mean of transport which I have mentioned above, sit with your face along the moving. Looking through the window, focus on the things which are situated far, avoid having a good look at fast changing objects near.
  3.  At night, when it’s dark and impossible to look through the window, look down.
  4.  During your trip try to make the transport well-aired: open the window in the far or in the train, if you are in the plane, switch on your individual airing.
  5. Better not to read while moving: it will only load your body more and cause travel sickness. Sleeping or dreaming about something pleasant is a nice solution.
  6.  If you wat just to sit calmly and think about nothing, there is a good pose for it: sit straight with your head forward, looking at a stable, motionless thing in the far, or just at the horizon.
  7.  Well-experienced tourists know, that if you had enough rest and sleep before the trip, you will feel good during it and avoid travel sickness.
  8.  Don’t eat much before the trip, but don’t be hungry. Better to have some snacks 2 hours before getting off – eat some porridge or fruit. Take lollipops with you – especially sour ones.
  9.  Train your vestibular apparatus beforehand: do regular exercises. But if now you want to help yourself somehow before going into your transport – at least bend down your corpus and move it to the left and to the right some times.
  10.  If all these tips to avoid travel sickness didn’t work, take a special medicine – antihistamines, which will make you feel well. Some of these pills may be taken during the trip, but in most cases, you should take one pill 1 hour before the trip. Such pills should be prescribed by a doctor.
    Share ur view in comments: What helps you to avoid travel sickness? Do you think we can affect this level inside us?

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Ana Sorrow
3 years ago

I enjoy what you guys are usually up too. This kind of clever work andcoverage! Keep up the superb works guys I’ve added you guys to my personal blogroll.