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Europe is famous for its culture and high development around the world. In the cities, different architectural buildings, parks and local sights of the new and old generations match amazingly. Tourists always value the vacations in Europe, so the European destinations are the most popular among them.

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Well, what are the most visited places in Europe?
Choosing the European destinations, it’s rather difficult to decide which countries are worth visiting – there are so many nice places. Anyway, here is the list of the most breathtaking European destinations.

European destination

The most romantic place is France, and the city of lights – Paris. It’s an ideal city for couples. Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Versailles are the world-famous sights. Eiffel Tower is the most visited and photographed sight in the world.

Since its opening in 1889, to the 2008 year, 236 mln people visits it. Paris is not only a beautiful megacity and the city of lovers but also a financial and the business center of Europe. But there is one disadvantage there – a high cost of spending vacations. But, of course, once in a lifetime, it’s worth going to this amazing city of love and romance.

European destination

Going to Finland, the most popular European destination and one of the most wonderful cities is Helsinki. The natural beauty of this city really admires the tourists, there are many sights, statues, and museums there. Helsinki is a nice example of making the city territory green and neat. There are many green parks in the city, although it’s the financial capital of Finland, it cares about nature much. In Helsinki, there are the most popular bars and pubs.

European destination

Greece – an outstanding country of gods and heroes. The Olympus mountain, the Crete island, architecture and lots of sights – no doubt that it’s a very popular European destination. Rome is always at the peak of popularity. The locals believe, that spending one life isn’t enough to know everything about it. Visit Coliseum, Vatican, Pantheon, the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain.

European destination

If you are planning vacations with children, you first European destination should be Germany. The most pop Arab funfairs are there, one of the beloved places is “Europe Park”: it consists of 10 zones, each of them looks like a country, so you may feel the atmosphere of a chosen country, know about its culture and traditions.
One of the fast changed cities is Berlin: art galleries, museums, and memorials in the area of the Berlin wall attract tourists much. In the new part of the city, the museum of the cinema and the Sony center are the most popular. If you want to see the nightlife, go to Kreuzberg district.

European destination


Everybody will agree that London will stay one of the most popular European destinations. Here are some cult sights of London: the Tower, the Tate Gallery, the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace. Also, it’s worth visiting at least one theater performance of the West End troupes and try the ethnic cuisine of the East End.

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Share ur view in comments: What is your favorite European destination? Why are some places in Europe are more visited than others in your opinion?

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