Three Of The Most Luxurious Fairmont Hotels In The UAE


The UAE is always a little too much (in a good way, of course): the most expensive supercars, the tallest buildings, the largest shopping center – the list goes on and on. But even among all this splendor, luxurious Fairmont hotels located in different emirates stand out. Among all Fairmont Hotels In The UAE we have selected 3 Most Luxurious Fairmont Hotels In The UAE to catch your eyes on them.

1. Fairmont the palm

Fairmont the palm
Fairmont the palm/Most Luxurious Fairmont Hotels
Even if you have never been to Dubai, you have definitely seen pictures of the island in the shape of a palm tree – the largest man-made island in the world. This is where one of the most famous Fairmont hotels in the UAE is located – Fairmont The Palm. The favorable location allows getting to the area of Dubai Marina, known for countless cafes, restaurants, shops and other entertainment, for a few minutes. For nothing to miss, contact the Fairmont The Palm Concierge for guidance. Regardless of whether you want to spend your vacation without leaving the hotel, or going to explore the whole of Dubai, they will be happy to help you compile a guide to the most interesting places, from the Frevo restaurant in Brazil and the Hammam at Willow Stream Spa to renting a yacht and buying a gold bar ATM machine.


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2. Fairmont Ajman

Fairmont Ajman
Fairmont Ajman/Most Luxurious Fairmont Hotels

If you want to visit several emirates in one trip, go from Dubai to Ajman: it will take you 30 minutes to find yourself at the Fairmont Ajman Hotel. The hotel’s own white beach is washed by the clear waters of the Persian Gulf. The territory of the hotel is its own small world (which only the spa is worth), but around it, there are a lot of interesting things. For example, the national museum of the 18th century, the Sheikh Zayed mosque, desert safari, fortress, and much more are equally recommended for both adults and children.

 3. Fairmont Fujairah

Fairmont Fujairah
Fairmont Fujairah/Most Luxurious Fairmont Hotels
The newest Fairmont hotel is located in the emirate of Al Fujairah which is one of the most luxurious Fairmont Hotels in the UAE. From 180 luxurious rooms, the interior of which is inspired by Arabic art, there is a panoramic view of the Gulf of Oman, Hajjar mountain range and endless beaches. The hotel is also known for its large number of restaurants, among which The Copper Lobster stands out, specializing in the unusual preparation of freshly caught local seafood. Next to the restaurant is a miniature garden, where chefs collect seasonal organically grown vegetables and spices.
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