Social Network – any Net in these words?


The social network has become hugely popular. Millions of youths use social networking sites, and for some, it has become the preferred method of communication.

Just imagine: the social networking site Facebook gained 200mln users in one recent 12-month period.

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Humans are hardwired to interact with humans, and that’s what a social network is all about.
But there are some things which can only rarely come to your mind while using social networks. Nevertheless, they are really important, so give a try to think of them.
First of all, such word as Privacy might be the last thing on your mind when it comes to a social network. Remember: not taking precautions can lead to disaster.

Think of your personal information and how you would feel advertising it to a complete stranger: your home address, your email address, the times when you are/are not at home, where you work, your viewpoints or personal photos.

Mind about your posts about going to vacations too, as it means that nobody will be at home for some time. Think if it’s really necessary to mention about your new expensive bargains or your complaints about anything. All those things can leave you open to harassment, bullying, or identity theft.

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Moreover, even if you communicate only with your close friends, you need to be careful. On the Internet the word “privacy” is merely a relative term: large Web sites back up their databases, so what we put on cyberspace never truly goes away.

Another important aspect is to think how social networking can affect your reputation.
It’s easier to write online some things that you normally wouldn’t say aloud. With one distasteful post, your good reputation can be ruined.

It also has long-range consequences: one can lose his job or be turned down for a new job because of he has posted online. Look at your social network page and try to see it the way others would see it.
The last thing to think about is to be sure to sign out: if you leave your account signed on when you are not present, you run the risk that others can use it. All in all, don’t do anything you may regret later.

Social Media Professional John Kaufeld at IPFW says there are some non-spoken rules when opening a social media account:
“We’re much faster to share thins online now and the things that we share can paint a really interesting picture of us.” He made his own decision: “I actually try to be very conscious of what I post because I am already in the public eye.”


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An interesting point in email writing is that you can monopolize the conversation without being interrupted, but the ability to take turns in conversation is an essential social skill. So don’t forget to listen to other people in real life – it will help you in interacting.

Share ur view in comments: Do you care about the content you show on web pages? Is it important to mind it?

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