Internet vs Intranet – what is the difference?


Internet and intranet, these both words sound same and, in fact, belong to the same community, that is NET, and also perform the same functionality. But we are here for internet VS intranet.

If I talk informally about both technical words, then they two are siblings. Now I know that you are confused why I am calling these two words siblings. Actually, let’s rephrase it and think like in one family a boy has the freedom to do anything because his work almost belongs to a marketplace, but a girl has some restrictions, so she can’t access to all freedom panels.

Same is with the not related example of Internet and Intranet above, they are same in functionality, but with different restrictions.

Now let’s talk about them one by one.

The Internet is a common word, and it’s very popular among all the people around the world, currently now 46% of all people around the world are the users of the Internet. Let’s have a look at some stats.

internet vs intranet

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, we can check, that every year the number of Internet users are increasing with the high speed, so as we found out, the Internet has changed our lifestyle.

The INTERNET is the community of computers, that are connected with each other, and the information is shared from one server to unlimited servers (in the simple words, the server is just the way of the path which connects one computer with another, so for two computers there is one server).

This is the simple definition of the Internet.

Now one term arises in everybody’s mind, that what is the Web? So I will explain it in my next article, but won’t make you be in suspense, just simply it is the platform where all servers are connected.

Actually, the Internet is the vast connection, and now mostly every job is based on the Internet, without it, I suppose, life would be so hard to imagine, so I think there must be ” The Internet Day”.

Now the Internet has made our life quite easy and interesting, a person sitting in his bedroom can access to any information from the Internet, just some clicks and tapping make you smart, so I think we should celebrate it.

Now the question arises, that what Intranet is? why do we need the Intranet? and why is it different from the Internet?

An Intranet is not much different from the Internet, it works on the same principle on which the Internet is working, but with some restrictions.

As we can see, the Internet is the free platform on which anyone from anywhere can access and perform his/her queries without any restrictions and limited access.

But if we concern about security and documental work which is more confidential in government works or in highly secret organizations, then we use the Intranet.

The Intranet is typically an only local network, meaning only the people who are directly wired to the Intranet can access the information stored on its servers.

Top secrets crime based agencies like FBI, CIA, CBI etc they all prefer to use the Intranet so their work is on secure directory and hackers can’t be able to hack.
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Despite Internet VS Intranet, there is also one more important term like Extranet.

In few words, I can describe the Extranet as a private intranet (or local network) like connected to the Internet, but it only allows to access to the certain information, or access by certain groups of people. The extranet is a blend of the secrecy and control allowed to the Intranet, but also the convenience and sheer amount of information enjoyed by using the Internet.

So, in this article we learned Internet VS Intranet, For more information use Google.

Well, actually, Web network is categorised into three categories^

Hope you enjoyed my article if you found it interesting then give us your quality feedback in the comment box below, and if you are not satisfied with this information, mail us, we will consider your concern and will try to get quality facts for you.

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