How does computer hacking happen and how to protect yourself from it?


Computer hacking is one of the biggest cons of the Internet world. Today in this article I will show you how hackers access into your computer and how you can protect your computer from being hacked.

Last night, as usual, I was sitting on my desk and working on my computer. Everything was going on normal, but suddenly I found some unusual activity on my computer, insanely. It was being played for 2 minutes and I could not able to understand exactly what was going on my computer.

3 steps to increase your software security- Hashing


I was shocked for a moment and then switched off my computer. Literally, this was the unexpected thing ever happened to me. Actually, I was being hacked in those very minutes, so without enough knowledge, I suddenly switched off my computer. Rather counting it into virus affecting, it’s better to think logically.

Computer hacking can’t be possible until your IP (Internet Protocol- it is the address of your system and it is formatted into the pattern is being revealed to someone.

Yes, nowadays hacking of IP address is not a difficult task, and hackers can easily hack your IP address.
So, how can they find out your IP?
It is very simple,

 “The Internet vs Intranet – what is the difference?

Focus on these STEPS,

1. E-mails: We receive and send 100s of emails every day and this is the best way to know your IP address. When we send an email, your IP address is also reached into other person’s inbox and then, by using that IP address, you can be tracked down easily.

So, before sending an email, please confirm everything about the receiver, maybe he would be a hacker.

2. Accessing into insecure websites: Well, sometimes we make one mistake that we come into the website which is not certified and unsecured. You can check the security of the website by looking into the address bar, if the server is not showing security credential of that website, then it is the less secure website and be sure not to allow cookies before trusting any website.

3.  AntiVirus: Less secure antivirus can’t help your computer security, so I recommend you only use paid antiviruses.

List of the best antiviruses-

4. Use Genuine versions of windows and always buy the windows from the trusted stores only. Never use windows downloaded from torrent or any other websites.

Steps to increase network security.

1.  Password: Always use the password in any account long enough and try to use in this format [a-z]{0-9}{$-!}. This format makes your account very much secure and very hard for hackers to hack your computer.

2. Use recommended Antiviruses which I have already mentioned above.

3.  Always backup your files.

4. Follow the steps above.

So, today in this article we have learned about computer hacking, and how to improve our security from web thieves and cyber.

Because our safety is in our own hands and nothing is safe, only you may care about your computer.

If you have more suggestions regarding this topic, please let us know, and we will update more information for you.

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