Mysterious Alien Floating Into The Clouds of Venus: Carl Sagan Knew It


The USSR missions to Venus confirmed the craziest hypothesis in the 80s. The answer to the question “Who lives on Venus?” has seemed fantastic until recently. However, the spots and clouds on Earth’s sister confirmed the existence of other life forms in the solar system. Nevertheless, one of the great astronomers, Carl Sagan has already suggested the existence of mysterious alien life (extraterrestrial microorganisms).

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Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking had already warned earthlings about alien life in the outer space

The most important thing is that Venus is not millions of light-years from the Sun, but literally very close. As Stephen Hawking said, earthlings are not ready to accept the presence of another life in the form of bacteria. People are used to talking about aliens as a warlike clever group of nomads with telepathy and with their heads outstretched. So, what if Venus is inhabited not by classic aliens but by smart bacteria?

Surprisingly, this scientific problem was brought to a new level of understanding by astrophysicist Jayant V. Narlikar. He discovered three new types of bacteria that can live on Earth and on Venus. The words of biochemists who called the clouds of Venus the result of the life of living beings has confirmed this seemingly fantastic hypothesis. The fact of changing the shape, color, and coordinates of the spots on the sister of the Earth turned out to be surprising. Researchers do not exclude reasonable clouds to hide a different life on Venus.

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Alien colonies on Venus

Mysterious Alien
Shot of the mission of Soviet Veneras 1975-1982 / Mysterious Alien On Venus

For the first time, scientists of the USSR found out mysterious alien life in the clouds of Venus. Alien colonies were found in the video archives of the observers for the Soviet probes Venera-10, Venera -13, Venera -14. It was these devices that first transmitted photos from Venus to Earth. In 1975-1982, scientists did not notice or did not want to notice a “different life”. Now, experts have returned to image analysis and even confirmed the presence of a “scorpion” on Venus, which crawled out of hellish soil.

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Scientists are approaching a solution, but they do not risk directly shocking earthlings that Venus is populated. While foreign researchers are silent, experts from the Russian Space Research Institute are ready to admit the presence of aliens on Venus.

Venus’ Clouds Are Already Colonized

Life Might Exist in the Clouds of Venus
Life Might Exist in the Clouds of Venus /ExtremeTech

The clouds on Venus hide a different life, and it’s worth believing in it. At a temperature of 60ºC and a pressure of 101325 Pa, these creatures feel comfortable. There is no information about their reproduction or life cycle, but one thing is clear – they are poisonous, feed on the ultraviolet rays of the Sun.

While experts argue and do not announce that Venus is inhabited, conspiracy theories hint at the appearance of aliens. According to the hypothesis of British ufologists, aliens “insectoids” can now reach Earth from Venus with meteors and the “solar wind”. But whether to believe in guesses or wait for an official statement is everyone’s own choice.

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