Scientists Found Traces Of Ancient Cars That Existed 14 Million Years Ago

In several countries, there have been found traces as if they were left by ancient cars. Around the world, mysterious traces are found, which are supposedly 12 million years old. They resemble traces of cars with wide tires. If the theory is correct, then all previous conclusions of scientists about the appearance of wheeled vehicles a few hundred years ago can be considered wrong.

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A new hypothesis is of great interest to researchers, because other traces, similar to those left by ancient SUVs, have already been found in Kazakhstan, Malta, France, Italy, and North America. A large number of them was found in Turkish Cappadocia.

ancient cars
The ‘preserved ancient tracks’ in the Phrygian Valley/ancient cars/Credit: Express

As a result, some scientists are convinced that 12-14 million years ago, there existed heavy machinery on Earth. In addition, the researchers noticed slits that may have been left by the side projections of the body.

The creators of the cars were people who inhabited our planet before the advent of modern man.

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Some time ago, Polish archaeologists stumbled upon the mysterious place of power of the ancient Mayan civilization in Guatemala.

It was discovered at the excavations of the ancient settlement of the Indians of this nation. At first, there was a version that it was a tomb, but as the excavation progressed, scientists found out that these were ancient baths. The structure was made of limestone, and it has been well preserved during several centuries.

Scientists have found out that the bath was built 2500 years ago. It served as a place for swimming, relaxing and performing rituals. As per beliefs, body and soul were cleansed while bathing.

ancient cars
The team have recently returned from the site in Anatolia/ancient cars/Credit: Express


Baths and caves served as a place of power for Maya, where it was possible to establish a connection between the world of people and the spirits. Indians often left valuable offerings in the hope of a good harvest or health.

The indicated bathhouse resembles a cave, which has a narrow and long entrance that goes underground. Archaeologists have found the man-made drain, summed up the water in the bath. And the room consisted of two steam rooms with stairs. There were loungers or benches made of stone there.

Hot stones that poured water, stood in front of the entrance to the steam room. Excess water escaped through narrow drainage channels. The premises were lined with wood, but scientists cannot find the remains of such plating.

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