Aliens Exist: Chinese Telescope Biggest Discovery Of All Time


The world’s largest Chinese spherical radio telescope made a grand discovery. It recorded the fast repeating radio waves at a distance of three billion light-years from Earth. Does it mean Aliens Exist?

Initially, such signals were picked up by terrestrial equipment back in 2007. But this time, Chinese astronauts were extremely surprised and alarmed by the signal that came from outer space. FAST (Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope), which is located in Huizhou province, recorded a signal over which hundreds of scientists are now puzzling.

China’s FAST Telescope
China’s FAST Telescope Biggest Discovery Points towards that say Aliens Exist

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The fact is that the caught signals are constantly becoming more frequent, and already on September 3, 20 identical waves were caught. Radio pulses, lasting several milliseconds, aroused interest among scientists and the desire to make sure the existence of new civilizations.

Aliens Exist

Alien spaceship
Do Aliens Exist?

The data allowed a sensational statement: aliens exist! And Earth equipment caught their radio waves.

The increase in these signals gave rise to a theory: the source is rapidly approaching the Earth.

Of course, solving a riddle is not so easy, given the unrealistic distance of three billion light-years. Specialists of the Chinese astronomical observatories at the PRC Academy of Sciences have already carefully checked and worked out the received signals, but the mystery has not yet been solved.

This theory is being actively discussed by experts. In their opinion, this is the “sound” of a working pulsed motor, which serves to develop speeds above the light.

Due to the colossal distance from it, the telescope detects each “tick” separately. Respectively, the closer this engine is to Earth, the more often it will sound its work, up to constant noise.

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And the calculations show that the spacecraft, whose signals are recorded, will be noticed by Earth equipment in the coming months.

Artistic Alien Spaceship
Chinese Telescope detects signals that say Aliens Exist

Note that a spherical radio telescope with a 500m aperture, known as the FAST ground-based telescope, was first launched in September 2016.

The telescope consists of 4450 panels, its diameter is 500 meters, and the area is courageous to compare with the area of 30 fields for playing football. A gigantic-sized ground-based telescope is capable of receiving signals from far space, however, they are deciphered by small and very smart people on planet Earth.

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