Why Would Someone Try to Sell The Haunted House for $3 Million?


Frequently visited places are of interest to a wide range of Internet users. This is no different for a haunted house in Monterey, California. Recently, it has been placed for sale for an incredible amount of $3 million.

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The history of this house begins in the early 19th century. After its construction in 1833, the first owner of the building w as forced to sell it due to financial problems. Then the property kept passing to different owners until, finally, it reached the current owner, who opened a restaurant and bar in it. Its activity ended in 2008, and since then, the property has been appearing and disappearing from the market. So, what raised the price?

Well, it turns out that there are several spirits in the building. One should be James Stokes, a British Army deserter who was the second owner of the house. Allegedly, he poisoned himself in front of his sons after they caught him at the harassment of their sister. His spirit is to roam around the house and pushes the people in front of him.

It is assumed that a woman who was seen in this house is his wife Josefa. Her spirit, seen in the image of a white lady, is to roam the second floor of the house, accompanied by the sounds of a broken glass, a crying child, and a whisper. Finally, the last ghost should belong to Hattie Gregg. She was the last owner of this building who used it as a house. Her spirit is to appear in the restaurant section, it turns the lights on and off and whispers the names of the employees.

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The various groups involved in the search for ghosts have repeatedly conducted research in this building, and there was no indication that the presence of the ghosts was the result of external interference (aliens). So, this is an unusual building with a long history and astronomical price.

It is difficult to assess whether the property is really so expensive, but in the eyes of its current owner, the presence of relatively harmless ghosts seems to increase the price of the house. Although this may seem absurd, if there is a demand for such a building, then there is a supply.

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