This Polish Man Met Aliens From Venus And Took Photos of Their UFO


Most people interested in UFOs are aware of the existence of varying degrees of encounters with aliens. However, few people know that several decades ago, the first documented meeting of the fifth grade took place. One man claimed that not only he had seen UFOs but also met aliens.

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George Adamski
George Adamski

This event was witnessed by George Adamski, a polish-born in Bydgoszcz with American citizenship.

According to many people, he was a really unique case, even by the standards of early ufology. His entire UFO adventure began on October 9, 1946, when during a meteor shower Adamski and a group of his friends saw a huge cigar-shaped spaceship.

The man even managed to photograph a strange object, however, his interest in the subject of UFOs flourished only in three years after that. Some skeptics have noted that at that time, there were several well-known UFO sightings, such as the observation of Kenneth Arnold over Mount Rainier and the crash of a flying disc near Roswell, New Mexico, which could arouse Adamski’s imagination. However, he finally decided to talk about what he had seen.

Roswell UFO incident
Roswell UFO incident

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Adamski claimed that had managed to make contact with aliens. This happened for the first time on November 20, 1952. Adamski and his friends were near the city of the Desert Center in the middle of the Colorado desert. Suddenly, they saw a strange aerial object floating in the sky. At some point, Adamski felt that the alien ship arrived there because of him, and that’s why he headed to the landing site of the UFO. Soon after that, a pilot got out of the UFO, introduced himself by the name of Orthon and stated that he was a native of the planet Venus.

George Adamski
George Adamski UFO photo

Of course, all this could be considered a simple hallucination, but the whole incident was observed from afar by friends of Adamski.

However, the most interesting element of this whole story is the appearance of that alien.

According to Adamski’s description, the creature he met was “a medium-sized humanoid with long blond hair and tanned skin.” In addition to height, all of the above signs coincide with alien species known as “Nordic

.” Moreover, according to Adamski’s story, as in the case of the Norwegians, Orthon communicated with him through telepathy, and his very presence evoked in him “a warm embrace of great love and wisdom.” The alien had to tell Adamski about the dangers of nuclear weapons and the conflict that they could cause.

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The next contact between Orthon and Adamski was to take place on December 13 of that year. At that time, Orthon handed him a previously borrowed photographic plate, which he filled with strange alien characters, which were supposed to be a message from the alien. However, the most important of all the elements of this meeting was a photograph taken by Adamski immediately after a conversation with Orthon. We can say that this was of epoch-making significance because when thinking about flying saucers, most of us have in mind a form immortalized by Adamski.

Of course, as is usually the case, Adamski was not perfect when it comes to a UFO witness.

George Adamski
George Adamski

His lectures were not the most objective, and his theses on aliens living on all planets of the solar system did not arouse any sympathy among the scientific community and, even surprisingly, among the ufologists who claimed that his stories ridicule all ufology.

In 1962, he announced that he would take part in an interplanetary conference on the planet Saturn, and a year later, he boasted of his gold medal of honor, which he should have received from Pope John XXIII.

It seems that Adamski’s character is so colorful that the contradictions surrounding him are at least understandable.

The problem is that it is hard to say if everything he was talking about was a lie or if it was a sign of mental illness. If so, is the strange relationship between the alien seen by Adamski and the Norwegians observed around the world just a coincidence?

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