A Phone Call From 3000 Years Old Alien Living In Human Body On Earth


An incredible story was published on nuforc.org about an alien who has been living in the body of an ordinary person on earth for a long time, and according to the alien himself, he was over 3000 years old counting with the earth’s calendar.

It all started when a journalist got a call from a female friend who told him that she had met an alien during her vacation in the Philippines. The journalist was incredibly interested in this fact and wanted to immediately meet with an alien in person. They called the stranger on, and he agreed to a conversation with the journalist.

3000 Years Old Alien

According to the journalist, the alien’s voice was no different from the voice of an ordinary person, the alien called himself Shimikus Etua, he lives in the body of an ordinary person named Eugene Randall, and Eugene gave his body to him voluntarily. His voice sounded confident and calm.

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According to Shimikus, he arrived on our planet from a system of planets, not far from the Polar Star, located in the constellation Ursa Minor. The flight was carried out on a huge mother ship, and Shimikus himself was born precisely during the flight. Today, he is a little over 3000 years of earthly years. When asked whether his species believes in God or the Supreme Being, the answer was yes.

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3000 Years Old Alien
3000 Years Old Alien

Shimikus said that at first, his species was aggressive and managed to destroy many other civilizations. But once a local priest began to profess a good attitude, taught the aliens to be kind, his civilization has changed a lot.

Today, these aliens are very excited about how people are trying to destroy themselves. When asked about how aliens relate to people, Shimikus answered that they were like wild people, primitive tribes.

Nowadays, on Earth, there are other representatives of his species who, like himself, live in the bodies of ordinary people. Now, Shimikus uses the body of Eugene, and before that he lived in the body of a man who was originally from the Soviet Union.

According to Shimikus, there are more than eight thousand of his relatives on our planet. In addition, Shimikus and his species are very concerned that people began to use and develop nuclear energy, because it causes great harm to everything around, including space.

Not only that, Shimikus and his relatives can have excellent sexual contact with people, they can easily have children, and Shimikus already has quite a lot of them.

Besides, on our planet, there are aliens of other races, but most of them are very hostile to people, abduct them, and make various experiments. His species are actively fighting such aliens, trying to completely expel them from Earth.

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John Jones
John Jones
2 years ago

since childhood I have always different from others and experienced sleep paralysis and stuff I cannot easily recall now but having had a craft one summer day in 1956 pass almost above me and knowing a nearby USAAF air base were reporting unknown radar blips, know that there is a presence other than humans, animals on and around this world.