What are the good vacation spots in 2017 ?


Everybody will agree that visiting different countries, feel their way of life and admire their beauty are one of the brightest emotions in a person’s life but what are the good vacation spots in 2017?

Every country is unique and has both advantages and disadvantages, so prepare well. Most popular cities are with a high level of social standards and lifestyle, a rich cultural and historical heritage, low crime level and friendly locals. The have loads of hotels and resorts for visitors with different wealth levels, many sights and modern conveniences, best parks and beaches in the world.

If you want to have a calm vacation, better choose Europe. Its countries are very popular, but if you like wildlife and breathtaking shores, better go to African places.

But what are the good vacation spots in 2017?
So let’s find out, which places are the good vacation spots for traveling and have a look at some recent statistics.

The specialists of the United Nations found out that tourism gives 9% to the total amount of the gross domestic product in the world.
MasterCard corporation found out which city was the most attractive for were. Global Destination Cites Index made a rating, which shows where the majority of tourists came in 2016. According to it, last year it was Bangkok with 21.47 mln tourists, spending the night there.

The statistics was considered by the rates of 132 cities around the world, moreover, the reasons for the visiting also were taken into account.

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It turned out, that 14.4% of all the guests of the city came because of business reasons, but other 85.6% came for the personal purpose. They spent $14.8 bln.
Bangkok is famous for its unexpected life, there is always a space for new inventions in this appealing city, full of contrasts.

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The most popular months for travelling there appeared to be January and April.
After Bangkok the leader, there are some quite predictable results. The second place was for London, where in 2016 there were 19.88mln of guests who spent $19.8bln. July and August were the months with most visitors.
Only 20.9% of visitors came for business aims, and 79.1% of visitors were tourists.

Then Paris comes, with 18.3mln of guests and $12.9bln income, Dubai with 15.27mln and $31.3bln income, and New York is on the fifth place with 12.75mln and spent $18.5bln.
But now you may be surprised, as among other popular cities there was the Japanese city Osaka, although it’s not very famous if we talk about the tourist attraction. Osaka had 7.2 mln visitors, this amount grew much for some last years, and 88% of them came because of personal aims. Most of the guests came in April and June. It took the 17th place in the world rating.
In Europe, the highest progress was in Hamburg: +8.7%.

Share ur view in comments: what are the good vacations spots in 2017? Why? What is the most important criteria for you in choosing the city for traveling?

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