Which is better – Organised travel or Individual tours?


If you are not interested in being in a group or follow the program which was made up not by you, travel alone or with your friends on individual tours.

How to do it?

The Internet is a great window to the world of information. Another person can’t understand what you want to get from this very traveling. Using the Internet right you may find the cheapest flight tickets, book hotels/villas without prepayments, rent a car abroad, make the insurance policy for going abroad. However, traveling abroad requires a lot of skills.

Traveling means exploring the world. If you don’t know the local language, use guidebooks and language apps. Don’t forget to find blogs of independent travelers – use other people’s experience. And find easy work for food, for example, as it will help you to meet closely with locals, understand their mentality better, know what they do in leisure time, what they think about, what their dreams are.

Use transfer for your personal safety and saving your budget.

Nevertheless, there are many benefits of organized traveling. Here are some of them.

You will get all the necessary trip registrations easily, save money on last minute trips, get any discounts for excursions, visit national parks, closed for free attendance. It can offer a safer experience, helps you in navigation and communication, provides comfort, reduces stress and planning, offers convenience, so you will not be alone in a strange land, just choose the right tour company and small groups.

Find the best types of transport for you and save money, if necessary.

Traveling by plane means saving your time and good service  Рcomfortable seats, food and drinks, amazing views out of the window. Among the disadvantages, the most problematic are high ticket prices, long check-ins, the ban on using mobile phones, transfers in other cities.

Autostop – a free way to get somewhere, helps to understand the new culture and life better. No guarantees, but you may get to your destination fast and without workarounds. Remember about safety and be ready to sleep on nature. It can be funny and couraging, so why not.

Car traveling: many people find it the most comfortable way, but remember about the necessity to prepare money for some paid roads and have contacts of car services in the case of repairing needs. You will need much more time and efforts, but picturesque views and stops for taking pics are worth it.

Trains are very good for long travels – you can sleep calmly, eat in a special restaurant, look at the wonderful scenery, although you can’t stop where you want or choose your neighbors.

Traveling by ship, which will be your second home: hotel, restaurant, the place for entertainment with a nice service, including laundry, swimming pool, and medical facilities. It also includes excursions in different ports and places on your way. Anyway, you can’t change your way or prolong being in any place.

Find opportunities to meet new people – locals and other travelers, learn new things and become a better person. Choose the best way for yourself, to feel at home everywhere you travel.

Share ur view in comments: What do you prefer Рtraveling alone or with a guide? Do you know any good tour companies?

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