Japanese Anime world – beloved for years


Nowadays almost every person knows about Japanese anime world- so-called cartoons for adults, original and high-quality stories, famous all over the world.

There are special meetings of anime fans, cosplay festivals, many discs in every music shop, whole shops with anime production in all the big cities.

Most of the anime fans want to visit Japan, moreover, some of them try to learn the Japanese language, as the creators share much about Japanese culture and traditions in the anime world. But why is anime so popular?

But why is anime so popular in the whole world?

There are very many genres of the anime world, it attracts with its variety and queerness, so people of different ages or tastes can find their favorite ones. It has more sense in the plot than most of other TV shows, and it covers more serious topics than typical cartoons.

Among all the genres, here are some of them: action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, game, hentai (18+), historical, horror, kids, magic, music, psychological, romance, school, sports, tragedy, vampire, yaoi (♂+♂), yuri (♀+♀), and so on.

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There are also anime with content especially for boys (shounen), and especially for girls (shoujo).

Another benefit is a style of art: beautiful faces and well-painted colorful landscapes, so your eyes will relax and just enjoy watching. One more plus is in cool action and dynamic plots – you can’t predict what will happen further.

Some psychologists mentioned that anime is very popular among the people who lack emotions in everyday life – while watching, teenagers compare themselves with the main hero, feeling his emotions and getting temporary satisfaction.

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Plenty of anime stories can make you cry and teach you something in life, for example never give up, or try to see inner beauty, not only appearance. Most of the anime fans have different problems in their families, which is carried to problems in making their own relationships in adult life.

In many anime genres the main hero in usually a lonely looser, but despite he is unlucky in life, one day he gets into another world or finds a source of the super power. So the young audience makes their own imaginary worlds where they can live day by day and do everything they want, that they can’t do in real life.

During teen years every person tries to understand himself and find a place in this rude world. That’s why after watching anime, Japan looks like a real paradise, it has a real impact on hearts. Anyway, if anime is beloved among millions, maybe sometimes it’s really worth watching?

If you have never tried it, choose the best genre according to your mood and find the most popular anime according to it. Read the feedbacks and watch the trailers. If you know somebody of anime fans, they will be always glad to help you.

Here you can find awesome anime of different genres, free convenient watching:




Share ur view in comments: Have you ever tried to watch anime world? What genre is your favorite? Why do you like/dislike it?

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