Digital Scrapbooking ideas for enjoying your memories


Scrapbooking is an available hobby for everyone: making collages from photos is very popular around the world.

Scrapbooking is a nice idea to look through and settle the archives of digital photos, scan them, renew old family photos, and then make up something new: photo albums and mini-albums, postcards and gifts of different shapes, which your relatives and friends will love, because there are your care, love, fantasy and personal attitude in them.

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How to do it and what do you need?

Your wish, a free evening and some favorite photos. Prepare a glue, a stapler, scissors, some crayons, construction paper, and start to create!

This memory is more than only an envelope with photos, it’s a memory of your heart and soul. Patterns on the paper, decorations, signs are not difficult, you can easily find other people’s works, remember their ideas of decoration, admire their fantasy.

Look through movie posters, TV shows, fashion magazines – they are great for study style feeling, conveying colors with images and main subject, an inspiration for packaging.

Try to make your own sketches to display everything in a creative way on your book. Make your composition unique with personal signs.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting – ribbons, strasses, glass beads and buttons can be added too. At last, you can find a good place for all your old tickets, cheques, envelopes, booklets. It will give you a chance to become more creative.


Scrapbooking helps to record real stories, and don’t rely on your memories, as they lie; what can be more valuable than your life’s stream? It is good for marking years, dates, seasons, changes and milestones – our life is so fast, so weddings, graduations, new jobs, babies, birthdays – scrapbooking helps not to forget the important dates and with pics to feel those moments again.

Scrapbooking will make you a better photographer – you will take more detailed photos. Please, don’t say that you have a page in Instagram, and it’s enough for you, – Instagram is cool, but not for intimate pics of your personal life, all family members, and relatives, right?

So, just start it – and all the celebrations will be decorated with your works, even your house can become more attractive with decorated walls, book shelves, door handles.

Having hundreds of digital photos on a computer is cool, but when you choose 10 among them and add them to your feelings – people will turn to them with more attention and will be impressed for long.

Everything, what is valuable, is worth the best decoration – not only wedding or a child’s date of birth, – even simple things like walking in the park in autumn, a party in a cafe, dinner in a country house: time will go by, but decorated memories will stay forever.

Share ur view in comments: Where do you find new ideas for scrapbooking? What is your best way to keep memories?

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