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Hen Party is an important celebration before the wedding, but not less memorable.

It’s a day, slowly going to the evening up to next morning, full of entertainments, when all the close girls give the bride a send-off to the married life.

This tradition has been popular for many centuries, although had many transformations. How do girls celebrate it around the world?

How do girls celebrate it around the world?

In a Muslim Bachelorette party, women sing sad songs while singing they paint the bride’s body with henna ornaments, hiding in them the groom’s initials. At night the groom has to find them on her body – it helps in their sexual liberation.

In Spanish hen party, girls choose the theme of their celebration and even decorate the cafe with their preferences. The dishes are usually served in erotic ways. It’s popular to make hand-made gifts for a bride.

In English hen party, girls wear at least one pink item of clothes and sometimes have whistles in their mouths.

German hen party usually looks like a sale: girls try to sell alcohol drinks and even small accessories – chewing gums or hairpins.

In African hen party, there are very important checks for a bride – checking of her virginity and endurance: she should sing and dance for 10 days with short breaks for sleeping and eating.

American hen party means loads of gifts, pink dresses, and celebrations in bars with erotic games there.

In Israel, hen party girls and guys celebrate together, and there is no tears or sorrow there. The main tradition is to take the couple for a dim in a special swimming pool near the church.

To make the hen party meal unforgettable, use the point, popular in all up-to-date hen parties – a dessert, which is called the cupcake.

Cupcakes are small portion cakes, their size is a coffee cup. You may use cupcakes on the wedding too, just put them on some columns to create a huge wedding cake of them. Put a bigger cupcake on the top, so that the couple could cut it.

For using cupcakes on a hen party you can cook them yourself.


How to make the hen party incredibly awesome?

Think of competitions, the script of the plot, style, ordered cake, accessories, dresses and gifts.

Add the competitions with simple fortune-tellings. Don’t forget about the girls’ temperaments – if invited girls are modest and shy, don’t prepare erotic games – the main aim is that everyone should feel comfortable and have fun.

Don’t forget about the girls’ temperaments – if invited girls are modest and shy, don’t prepare erotic games – the main aim is that everyone should feel comfortable and have fun.

Hookah bar – a popular place for a nice evening

Below we share best printables for a stunning hen party and an awesome wedding:

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The best games for hen parties:

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Share ur view in comments: How do you celebrate hen parties in your area? What are your favorite competitions? Do you think a special theme style is important?

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