6 Offbeat Ways To Look Trendy In Heels For Women


Wearing heels is a fashion statement that increases your confidence and charm. The boosted height, elegance in steps, and posture all give women a great boost in confidence to appear in public gatherings. This is why high heels are the most preferred footwear, especially in classy public events. Several combinations and styles can help you further increase your beauty by wearing heels. Below are six offbeat methods that will assist you to look trendy in heels.

Plan Dressing And Heels Well In Advance Before An Important Event

Last-minute hurry in purchasing or arranging clothes and accessories will always lead to disappointment or other issues. So when you plan to attend an event, it will be good to plan the outfit well in advance. By doing so, you can go through various collections of heels to match the selected outfit. It will also give you the time to compare, purchase, and select the best heels, which will help you look more attractive than others.

Choose The Suitable Type Of Heels

Knowing the types of available heels is also important to know which one suits your feet. Sometimes the feet structure won’t allow just any type of heels, so trying out different heels is the go-to method. Popular heels are pumps, platforms, open toe, stiletto, wedge, slingback, ankle strap, and ruby slippers. Out of these, some heels, like the stilettos or pumps, have trouble with excessive walking. So if you are going out or attending an event that includes more walking, it is wise to refrain from wearing those. So choose the heels according to the amount of walking required or the type of the occasion.

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Highlight Heels With A Dress That Displays Your Lower Leg Or Below The Ankle
Great heels will always be expensive. And if you are already spending money on heels, why hide them from sight? Wearing these heels with dresses, high rise trousers, capris, or leggings, will increase the visibility of your heels. This will grab the attention of the people around you and showcase your trendy heels before them.

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Wear A Contrast Top Wear And Bottom Wear With Heels Matching With The Top Wear
Several people like to wear top and bottom wear with contrast or different colours. It is a nice way to look good in different colours. But they can also commit the mistake of wearing heels of the same colour as the bottom wear. They limit the heels from standing out from the remaining outfit by doing so. It will be best to wear a different colour heel or wear heels that match the colour of the top wear. This will help the outfit to have a common pattern of colours rather than throwing in a bunch of confusing colours.

Prefer Pedicure Before Wearing Open Toe Heels

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Wearing heels will attract attention to your feet, so it will be best to have a pedicure done before wearing those. As you only wear heels to events where the other guests also dress up and try to give fashion statements, it is necessary that you too give fashion goals to others. Most heels are open and have the top part of feet and toes exposed. So the lack of a pedicure will be a bit of a shabby display. Even if you are wearing enclosed heels for a longer duration, you need to ensure that your toenails don’t hurt from the constant contact with the inner sole.

Choose Thicker Heels While Attending Events With A Longer Duration

If you plan to visit events or go places where you will be spending a lot of time, it is advisable to prefer thicker heels. These will allow your feet to be comfortable while still being attractive. Thicker heels are also good for mobility and posture compared to thinner heels. Wedges and platform heels are the best choices for these occasions.

Follow these methods, and you can ensure that you will turn a few heads with those gorgeous looking heels. As only having a good-looking pair of heels is not sufficient, making them look attractive in different ways is equally important. You can find several good heels from the online store of Snapdeal. They have a huge variety of heels for every occasion, fit and budget. So visit the Snapdeal website today to buy the perfect pair of heels for yourself and apply these methods to increase your peers’ interests.

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