Top 10 Most Harmful Salon Hair Treatments You Should Never Use


Every year, more and more salon hair treatments designed to radically change hair conditions appear on the world’s market. Beauties from all over the globe are always in search of quality hair care and try to avoid mistakes. That is why HowAndWhys has made a list of the top 10 most harmful salon hair treatments.

1) Hair Polishing

hair polishing salon treatment
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Many people try hair polishing to make their hair look well-groomed and grow faster. But in the end, they get the opposite effect. The fact is that small protruding hair (which everyone mistakes for split ends) are actually new, growing ones. The machine cuts them off, disrupting the natural growth process. At the end of this harmful salon hair treatment, you get the effect of mirror-smooth hair, but it looks like this until the first wash. And after a week, there are twice as many protruding hairs as they were before the “miracle polishing”.

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The hairdresser takes an ordinary hair clipper and a special attachment for it. Then he washes the client’s hair, straightens it well with an iron, and works with a nozzle on each strand, 3-4 centimeters wide. Thus, he cuts off the protruding cuticle. If you have fine hair, you will lose at least a third of its volume. When the brush is passed through healthy hair, it will thin the hair shaft. The effect of the procedure is temporary: we are talking about masking the problem, not solving it.

2) Keratin Straightening

Keratin straightening salon treatment
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Keratin changes the structure of the hair, making it brittle. And this is especially noticeable on fine hair. Straightening “tames” thick, curly, hard, and fluffy hair, but the effect is short-lived. In addition, keratin has a negative effect on humans. It contains formaldehyde (a toxic preservative), which, when heated, evaporates and enters the body, provoking the development of oncology.

Keratin, also known as Brazilian hair straightening, got this name due to the extracts of Brazilian plants, which, together with keratin, restore the hair structure: at least, this effect is promised by advertising.

The US Food and Drug Administration has called keratin straightening formulations potentially dangerous for both the client and the hairdresser. Under the influence of iron with a temperature of 230 degrees, poisonous fumes are released. The procedure is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women. So, it makes no sense to talk about the therapeutic effect.

3) Boost Up (root volume)

root volume salon treatment
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In fact, this is still the same well-known perm that was done 20 years ago. A composition based on the amino acids of keratin is applied to the root zone, fixing it with special metal pins. After washing off the solution, the volume is fixed and lasts from four to six months. But remember that in three weeks, your hair grows back, and so does the chemical solution. It looks like a kinked, dry, and burnt streak that remains until the hair grows back to the cut line.

4) Hair Botox


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Hair Botox is the “little brother” of keratin straightening with a similar principle of action. The advertisement says that this procedure uses a remedy consisting of botulinum toxin, amino acids, and vitamins to restore hair. And there is a really visible result after it: your hair becomes smooth, shiny, and looks healthy. But this result is provided by silicones and other additives that give a visual effect. How exactly botulinum toxin can affect hair, which is a dead structure, is unclear.

5) f

Hot scissors haircut
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For this harmful salon hair treatment, a scissor-shaped apparatus with several temperature conditions is used: the choice depends on the thickness of the hair. For thin strands, the temperature is set to about 110 degrees, for strands of medium diameter – 130, for dense ones – 160 degrees.

The hair shaft consists of keratinocytes that adjoin each other: the tighter they are, the more beautiful the strands look. When the ends start to puff, you cannot restore them, you can only give them a more neat look, as it is a dead structure that does not receive nutrition. If the hair is split, it can only be cut, and it does not matter which professional tool to use for it. The advertisement promises that the hot scissors will “seal” the hair and all trace elements will remain inside. The reality is somewhat different.

To get at least some effect from a hot scissors haircut, the process should take several hours. Besides, the strands must be worked out along the entire length, and this means a significant loss in volume


If you come across an honest hairdresser, he will say that after the procedure you cannot use a hairdryer, curling iron, or straightening iron. With the modern rhythm of life, this is almost impossible.

If the hair splits, you need to find out why: frequent coloring, lack of micro-and macroelements, improper thermal care.

6) Hair Lamination

hair Lamination
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The essence of this harmful salon hair treatment is as follows: the hairdresser washes the hair with a strong chemical shampoo that reveals all the scales. This is done for the composition to enter there more densely. The laminating agent envelops the strands and seals them, so they become well-groomed and shiny. But you have to understand: this is a film that easily flies off, and with it, a third of the rod removes very soon, so the hair becomes thinner. When using an iron, hairdryer, curling iron, your hair, having no protection, get damaged even more, although the manufacturer claims that the strands are under reliable thermal protection after the procedure. It is possible that the hair will begin to break off, and not only at the ends but also along the entire length.

7) Infrared Flat Iron

Infrared flat iron for hairs
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An infrared flat iron is a device similar to a hair straightener. In salons, it is used as follows: a mask is applied to the curls, after which the hairdresser goes through each strand with this device. It is believed that one plate of the forceps with ultrasonic radiation breaks the molecules of the care composition to a size that allows them to penetrate the structure of the hair and scalp.

The second infrared plate seals the hair, retaining moisture and nutrients. The device manufacturers say that the effect of any mask in combination with an infrared flat iron will be amazing. A controversial point! The oil applied to hair for 14 hours or a mask with silk hydrolyzate and keratin will provide greater effect. Our task is to “glue” the scales more tightly to each other so that the hair reflects light. An iron will not help with this: it is impossible to rub the cuticle forever.

8) Perm

hair Perm
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Perm has a destructive effect on the hair structure: the hair cuticle opens, and despite subsequent attempts to “smooth” it with the help of special products, the elasticity of the strands is practically not restored. The more often you do a perm, the more the hair structure is disturbed, so the more supporting and caring products you need to use. Do you need such worries? Maybe it’s better to use new-fashioned styling devices that in a few minutes will create waves or curls without harm to the health of the strands (most importantly, use thermal protection).

9) Hair Glaze


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Hair glaze is just one of the names for lamination. Shielding, cementation, biolamination – all the names have the same essence: bioactive components are applied to the hair, which protect it from damage and make it visually smooth and elastic. But the composition covers the hair with a thick film that does not let anything through. And the effect of homemade masks, serums, conditioners is reduced to nothing. Yes, the hair looks smooth and silky but does not get nutrition from the inside at all. Therefore, this procedure is not recommended for owners of brittle, thin strands. Lamination in all its variations can provoke hair loss.

10) Hair Carving


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It is also called long-term styling. The essence of the procedure is to create root volume or volume along the length using the same perm method. Long-term styling is harmful to hair: it destroys disulfide bonds and makes hair brittle. Unlike perm, hair carving does not last so long: from one and a half to two months.

Many clients complain that after this harmful salon hair treatment, the scalp began to peel off strongly, and it turned out that their skin was significantly burned (after all, when applied, the composition contacts it directly). Of course, the condition of the scalp can be restored with treatment, but the reputation of the procedure cannot.

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