Most Popular But Harmful Hair Colors You Should Never Try


With the arrival of warmth, a breakup, or the onset of a new stage in life, you also want to change! One of the most familiar ways for us to realize this desire is a new haircut or trying new hair colors. On the one hand, this is great, because a change of image can cheer up anyone. On the other hand, it is important to remember about health. Oddly enough, if we talk about the harm of dangerous hair colors, it turns out that the color itself plays a big role in it. Studies have shown that some hair colors, even with a gentle composition, have the most harmful effect on hair condition.

1) Charcoal black

Charcoal black
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Recent studies by American scientists have made a real discovery. Whether the dye is elite or budget, a black dye can harm not only the luxurious hair of girls but also their body.

It is worth emphasizing that various shades of brunet are not counted here. The jet black color dries out the hair, but it works in a completely different way. To make the hair black, the dye, on the contrary, fills the hair with black pigment. However, it is the darkest shade that is aggressive, it can cause dryness, brittleness, and often a split in the hair.

Scientists have proven that charcoal black color can cause cancer with regular use. According to research, it was found out that among women who used it for 15 years, the risk of cancer increased 3 times, compared with those who did not use this paint.

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Charcoal black is one of the most dangerous hair colors as it contains harmful chemical compounds that can accumulate in the body. The carcinogenic chemical compound has its own code – “4-ABP.” Scientists found it in eight of the ten black hair dyes used in the study.

2) Blond

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Among various hair color shades, ash-blond should be avoided most of all. The lightest shade of blond causes serious injury to the hair because the dye penetrates deep into the hair and destroys the native pigment. It turns out that the hair becomes empty and, because of this, brittle.

Absolutely all blond dyes are harmful to the hair structure. Thus, if one day you woke up and decided to become a blonde, then we recommend you to think twice before bringing your plans to life.

After all, even the modern dyes harm your hair, since hair bleaching helps to discolor the natural hair pigment. This effect can be achieved without the use of paint only if you burn out the hair, forcibly change its structure. And in the composition of dyes of light shades, there are chemical compounds that contribute to burning hair.

That is why, after bleaching, the hair becomes lifeless, dull, requires additional care, the use of expensive serums, oils, balms, masks, etc. Besides, it should be noted that the darker the hair is, the more difficult it is to lighten it. It often takes several bleaching procedures to achieve the desired effect.

3) Unnatural shades

Unnatural shades
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If you try a hot pink color, your hair will “show” you that you should not have done this. Keep in mind that all bright unnatural colors are obtained with drastic and harsh coloration: the goal of this process is to completely replace the natural shade with a new one.

Therefore, if light brown, for example, can be shaded into chestnut without killing it, then you can get pink from black only using drastic measures.

Ginger, golden, chestnut and light brown shades are considered to be harmless. Girls who have fair hair are believed to be most rewarded by nature.

By bleaching the hair, they only get spoiled by the structure, but the process is not capable of harming the entire body. Therefore, you can use light-colored dyes, as at least, they do not harm women’s health, only the structure of the hair.

Natural dyes are definitely the best choice. Of course, the shades after dyeing with henna will not be too bright, but you will not harm your hair with them, besides, henna, as a natural dye, not only dyes the hair and gives it a pleasant shade, but also heals the hair, making it softer and elastic.

Another advantage of henna is a varied palette of colors, since there is not only ordinary henna, which dyes hair in a reddish color but also white and brown henna.

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