Moon Was Created On Jupiter And Now 250 Million People Are Living On it


CIA officer John Lear gave part of his life to serve as a US Air Force pilot and then worked for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). In a recent interview, John made a sensational announcement that Earth is a space prison and unlocked several moon mysteries. He also noted that in the universe, there are still a lot of inhabited planets of different levels of development.

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Given that flights into space are carried out only within the same galaxy in which planet Earth is located, and even then at very short distances, therefore, it is not worth completely rejecting the information provided by John, because the government always has something to hide.

Moon Mysteries
Moon Mysteries/YouTube

Planet Earth in space is considered as a prison for the inhabitants of various galaxies, and billions of creatures are referred to it as re-education. The man also said that on Earth, a person is serving his sentence from birth, and only with death is sent to a better world; a similar model of the world can be found in various religious systems, which in some cases confirms the information.

This statement by the CIA officer is worth noting: “The moon is an artificial body that was dragged to our planet, as a result of which an ice age broke out on Earth that killed all living things.” In fact, the circumstances of the appearance of the moon in outer space are not exactly known, and no one has seen the back of the moon. John also explained in his interview how Moon had been created in Jupiter and brought to Earth’s orbit about 15,000 years ago which was nearly around the last ice age.

According to him, Moon has a breathable atmosphere where around 250 million people are living in huge cities and bases.

Moon base
Artificially created Moon base/Moon mysteries/YouTube

And if you recall the flight of the Americans to the moon, then a lot of questions also arise, the answers to which only say that the Americans weren’t on moon, and if they were, then they definitely have something to hide. The officer claimed that in those days, NASA had no technology that could cross that Van Allen belt safely.

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The artificiality of the moon is also confirmed by the fact that if you look at it in the night sky, then it really looks like plastic.

It is impossible to find material evidence in the words of John Lear, as he himself says that if he managed to get them, he would be immediately destroyed.

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