NASA Sent Astronauts To Mars In 1966 And 1979, If Not Then Who Were They?


A woman named Jackie called on Coast of Coast AM, an American radio station, claiming she was the former NASA employee who managed to see humans on Mars in 1979. This statement sparked rumors of a “secret space program” that is kept hidden from the public.

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Jackie said she saw a man in a spacesuit in a live broadcast from Mars, but this information is concealed by the NASA authorities.

Jackie claims to be part of a team of specialists processing information from the Viking, the first Mars rover to send images from the surface of Mars to Earth.

“I wonder if you could solve a 27-year-old mystery for me,’ she asked the presenter. ‘That old Viking rover was running around. Then I saw two men in space suits – not the bulky suits we normally used, but they looked protective. They came over the horizon walking to the Viking Explorer.”

The Vikings 1 and 2 landed in 1975 and 1976 and sent back the first data on the surface of Mars, including the apparent absence of extraterrestrial life.

NASA claimed that no traces of life were found, the Vikings found all the elements necessary for life on Earth. Carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus were present on Mars.

Jackie vowed that 6 other NASA employees witnessed this event with her. When those people tried to quickly tell everyone else about what they saw and leave the room, they found that the front door was locked and the paper was hung on the door window so that no one else could look into it or enter.

Humans were seen on Mars in 1979
Humans were seen on Mars in 1979

Of course, so far none of those 6 alleged employees have contacted Jackie to confirm her words with her.

Former CIA pilot John Lear also talked about how NASA astronauts flew to Mars in 1966. Moreover, Lear believes that astronauts had been preparing for this mission especially long. They introduced certain drugs into the body, allowing people to adapt to Martian climatic conditions. Allegedly, those astronauts could breathe rarefied Martian air, so NASA had the opportunity to launch humans on the red planet for a longer time.


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