What is the best weight loss diet which makes you healthy ?

On the Internet there is a variety of different articles about keeping the right weight loss diet, but, unfortunately, most of them don’t contain trustworthy information, based on scientific facts.
How to find a good weight loss diet?

Well, I will try to help you, as before writing this post I made a research on some evaluated facts, proved by the leading scientists, nutritionists, dietitians and doctors of the sports medicine.

It’s really important to choose the rational and safe ways of weight loss diet, moreover, it must be universal and be used during the unlimited period of time.

First of all, if you decided to lose some weight, reduce the energy value of your food intake very slowly – 10% maximum per one day. Forget about greasy food and sweets, you will only then low the amount of eating other products.

When you reach your aimed results, don’t increase the calorie content of your daily meals fast.
If you go back to your previous eating lifestyle, you will loose the effect after finishing the diet, as that lifestyle brought you to some extra weight.

weight loss diet

Eat 6 times a day, prepare small portions for you will not feel hunger or make harm to your stomach. During your weight loss diet mind, your ration – 80% of your food should be low in calories, and their glycemic index should be lower than 60. Here you can check the glycemic index of most of the food items.

Eat much food which is rich in gluten and you should drink much water.

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Now about your meals timetable. 80% of all the food per a day you should eat before 6 pm. Don’t eat anything for 3 hours before going to bed. If you do some training, don’t eat for 2 hours before and after it.
The best propotion is: carbohydrates – 40-50%, proteins – 25-35%, fats – 10-20%.

Remember, that your weight loss diet will work only when you start expending more energy than getting.
Low the calorie content on 50-90%, while your weekly loss will be 0.8-1kg. If it doesn’t start, increase the speed of calorie lowing. And you should understand that the changes won’t come immediately, mind all the rules of the dieting meals.

Now you may be asking me, where the menu of the weight loss diet it. Maybe you will be surprised, but it’s a great mistake to suppose that a diet must be made of some particular products, eaten in particular time. The main rule is to follow the principles above, as your extra weight will go away only because of the lack of energy, not because you eat these very products.

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Some people take protein shakes – they are universal and help to get the stability from your weight loss diet.
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Share ur view in comments: Do you have any particular tips for the weight loss diet? What helps you to loose weight?

Vicky Verma

Vicky Verma

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