Thousands of People Saw UFO Crash In Brazil But Military Shut Their Mouths And Seized Their Phones


In Brazil, thousands of people accidentally noticed the UFO that crashed into a lake near Rio de Janeiro. This unusual incident occurred in the small village of Pau Grande on May 13, 2020.

According to the witnesses from the small village of Pau Grande, the military urgently arrived at the crash site, cordoned off the lake, and began to seize smartphones and other devices of local residents, which were stored on the footage “with UFOs.”

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UFO Crash In Brazil
UFO Crash In Brazil

Local residents saw flying luminous objects that were in the field of view of eyewitnesses for some time, and then one of them suddenly disappeared.

Urgently, the military arrived at the scene and began to close the square, restricting access to the reservoir. They also took smartphones and other devices from people, on which they were able to take shots of the UFOs.

Interestingly, at the moment, the military did not disclose any details. They are doing everything possible so that eyewitnesses do not inform the public of the details of the event. The whole internet connection was shut down in the area where the UFOs were seen, and even mobile connection stopped working.

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