10 unknown facts about Tom n Jerry which made it the biggest Animation


February 20, 1940 viewers saw the first adventures of the heroes of the American cartoon “Tom n Jerry”, which became a cult. We bring to your attention several facts from the history of the creation of the famous series about the adventures of the cat and mouse

10.  Tom n Jerry are 78 years old now

tom n jerry


Looking through the series of the popular cartoon Tom n Jerry online, it’s hard to believe that this cartoon has been more than 77 years old. So, on it has grown more than one generation. In the mid-60s the cartoon began to be shown abroad.

9. Seven Oscars in hand

tom n jerry


During this time, the cartoon was constantly changing: colors changed, the sound appeared, the characters acquired slightly different outlines, the cat began walking on two legs. And all this did not prevent the cartoon from becoming the owner of 7 “Oscars”, as the best short cartoon.

8. Originally Tom name was Jasper

tom n jerry

It should be said that one of these awards was given during the Second World War. It was the patriotic scene with the image of the American flag, during the salute, in the series “The Yankee-Doodle Mouse”, brought this award. After such popularity, the competition for the best name for a cat and a mouse was declared, after all the cat was originally called Jasper.

7. Tom and Czerry 

tom n jerry

For a period in the 60s, the cartoons were made in Czechoslovakia.

Tom and Jerry are as American as apple pie.  Except, that is, for a period in the 60s when the cartoons were made in Czechoslovakia. The 13 Czech episodes were very different in tone, with harder-edged violence, eerie, echoing sound effects and an often strange atmosphere that continues to divide opinion to this day. Though as lovers of the bizarre and surreal, we think they’re ace.

6.  “Who gets the kick”

tom n jerry
During the first ten years, the cost of one series was 20 thousand dollars. But soon the rights to production were transferred to the studio “Rembrand Film”, which allocated 10 thousand for the release. It was these 13 series that were recognized as the worst in the history of the cartoon. Cartoon Tom and Jerry became a trademark depicted on some food products. Since 1942, the world has seen comics with favorite heroes, then toys and video games.

5. Bradley Scott gave music

tom n jerry

The interesting facts about the cartoon include the release of the album “Tom n Jerry and Tex Avery Too! Volume “, which included 25 songs written for the cartoon by Bradley Scott.

4. Tom was the real cat

tom n jerry

In the first series, Tom looked like a real cat. He moved on four legs and mewed. Over time, Tom not only began to walk on two paws but also read books, play musical instruments and plan intricate traps to catch a mouse. In the biography of the cat, there is a service on a sea ship.

3. Jasper and Jinx were Tom n Jerry

For all the time of the history of the appearance of the characters has not changed. The first series of the famous cartoon were released under the name “Puss Gets The Boat”. These were the only series in which the characters are called Jasper and Jinx.

2. Mistress Tom

Mistress Tom – a dark-skinned housewife Mummy-Two-Slippers. In the history of the cartoon, her face was shown only once, in the series “Saturday Evening Puss”.  The prototype Mummy-Two-Slipper was a black actress Hatti McDaniel, the owner of the statuette “Oscar” for the role of Mummy in “Gone with the Wind.” Most often, Mom-Two-Slippers said: “Tom, if you’re a good cat, then I’m Lana Turner.”

1.  Tom n Jerry were better than Disney

tom n jerry

During the existence of the animated series, Tom n Jerry did not utter a word. Voices they received in the full-length animated film “Tom and Jerry Cinema”. Tom and Jerry have on their account 7 statuettes “Oscar”. Among the serial cartoon characters – a record that could not beat even the studio “Disney”. Portal IGN placed the animated series on the 66th place in the list of “100 best animation shows”. In 2000, the American magazine Time called “Tom and Jerry” one of the greatest television shows of all time.

“Tom and Jerry” became the main animated long-livers. Together with the cartoon characters, not one generation of kids has grown up. And even today children enjoy an enviable popularity.

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