Top 10 Most Popular Russian Food In 2021 That Are Healthy & Delicious


Speaking about Russia, the first thing that comes to mind is a lot of space, beautiful girls, and hospitality. And this is not surprising, because people of various nationalities live on its territory, therefore the concept of “Russian cuisine” is multifaceted, broad, like the country itself. As for the most popular Russian food, we should take into account both the climatic conditions and the ritual features of the country that form taste preferences.

Russian winter, Russian frost, holidays. Who hasn’t heard of them? This means that food needs to be nutritious and satisfying. HowAndWhys has made a list of the top 10 most popular traditional Russian food in 2021.

1. Russian Pies

Russian PiesRussian pies are one of the most popular and favorite food of Russian cuisine. They have always been a symbol of wealth and family well-being. A broad Russian soul and an equally big and beautiful pie! They are baked with a wide variety of stuffings: cabbage, eggs, meat, fish, mushrooms. This is a dish of various shapes, for special occasions, celebrations. And the recipes are carefully passed from generation to generation. Interestingly, some popular Russian pies are lower in calories than Italian pizza.

2. Russian Porridge

Russian PorridgeRussian porridge remains a popular dish both in Russia and abroad. It is one of the main dishes for people with different incomes, all Russian people eat semolina, buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, or millet porridge. It is interesting that earlier, during wedding ceremonies, the bride and groom cooked porridge. Hence the expression: “You can’t make a porridge with him (or her).” Eating porridge for breakfast is very good for health, as it contains a large number of vitamins and fiber.

3. Russian Pancakes

Russian PancakesFamous Russian pancakes! They take one of the first places among the most popular Russian dishes in 2021. And there are probably no people who would not appreciate this delicacy. Pancakes are distinguished by their thickness, softness, and splendor. Each family bakes pancakes according to their own recipes. Pancakes are served with sour cream, honey, jam or stuffed with salted fish, meat, eggs, and greenery.

4. Borscht

BorschtThe most striking and recognizable dish of Russian cuisine for foreigners is borscht. This dish is traditionally associated with Russia. But few people are aware of the unusual flavor combinations that are used in the preparation of this thick soup. The biggest secret is the delicious kind of beetroot and the proportions of vinegar and sugar.

5. Russian Aspic (Kholodets)

Russian Aspic (Kholodets)Aspic, also known as jellied minced meat, is actually frozen broth, in which meat and sometimes vegetables or eggs are placed evenly for decoration. Frankly, jelly-like dishes are found in many cuisines. However, in them, an additional agent is necessarily used to get a jelly state. There is no such thing in the preparation of Russian jellied minced meat, as the desired effect is achieved due to the long boiling of the meat.

6. Russian Dumplings And Cabbage Rolls (Golubtsi)

GolubtsiThese dishes are presented in different ways on the territory of Russia, but always very tasty. Dumplings with or without broth, with dill, ketchup, and other spices are eaten on the territory of other countries, and they are invariably associated with Russia. For dumplings, minced meat is wrapped in dough, and for cabbage rolls – in cabbage leaves. Fried vegetables, bread soaked in milk, fresh onions, garlic, a little alcohol are sometimes added to the minced meat.

7. Okroshka

OkroshkaA simple dish that is now considered to be the must-try among other popular Russian dishes. Foreigners do not always understand why a salad should be turned into soup, especially with kefir, the taste of which also raises questions. But many tourists note the invigorating effect and interesting taste of this dish. The word “okroshka” comes from the Russian verb that means “chop,” “cut.” So, the name of the dish speaks for itself, different types of products are chopped for it.

8. Beef Stroganoff (Beef Stroganov)

Beef StroganoffAfter the Second World War, beef stroganoff finally got the status of a Russian dish and became widely known abroad. This is one of the favorite dishes of foreigners because it has a beautiful presentation and a unique aroma. Neat pieces of meat, mushrooms, and thick creamy sauce are a great combination for many tourists.

9. Draniki

DranikiDraniki, or potato pancakes, can be found in Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, and Slovak cuisine. Draniki is also of interest to foreigners and is associated with Russian cuisine. Fried pancakes made from grated potatoes, onions, flour, and an egg have a very delicate texture. They are usually served with sour cream and dill.

10. Olivye

OlivyeThe Russians make it for every New Year, it has become a good tradition. Abroad, this salad is sometimes called the “Russian salad.” The name “Olivye” is of French origin. Oddly enough, in Russia, this salad is considered to be a dish that was brought to Russia by a Frenchman named Olivye. Of course, it is difficult to say whether it was true. In addition, Olivye has absolutely nothing in common with French cuisine. It is made of boiled chicken, sausages or beef, potatoes, carrots, canned peas, pickled cucumbers, onions, and mayonnaise. Although it seems to be a rather strange mixture of ingredients, literally tastes good for many foreigners.


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