Top 10 Most Popular Russian Girls’ Names Widely Used Around The World


Beautiful female names attract people with their mystery. They fill their owners with femininity, tenderness, and wisdom. Russia is a charming country with a deep history, and there is no surprise that the most popular Russian girls’ names sound so beautiful and have deep meanings.

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The interest in Russia in Western countries has not faded for more than half a century. It is known for its huge territory with a multi-million European type of population that has an unbending character, physical strength, and attractiveness.

Becoming familiar with Russian culture, foreigners fall in love with it unconditionally, and it is not surprising that when choosing names for their children, they often use cute Russian girls’ names, believing that they will give them endurance and sexuality.

Of course, not all of them are of strictly Russian origin, but they are associated with Russia. The most beautiful Russian girls’ names have different origins – Greek, Scandinavian, Slavic.

More and more often, you can find females with hot Russian girls’ names that have lost their popularity in Russia but are in demand among foreigners.

HowAndWhys has made a list of the top 10 most popular Russian girls’ names widely used around the world.

1) Natalia

pretty russian girls
Image credit: natasupernova/Instagram

It is the name of supermodel Natalia Vodianova, one of the most famous and hot Russian girls. It is widely believed that Russian girls are the most beautiful, sexy and they are amazing wives.

The foreigners who spoke out in favor of the name Natalia are sure that with this name, their daughter will get attractiveness and happiness in her personal life in the future.

Natalia is derived from the phrase “Natalis Domini,” which means “Christmas”. This gave rise to the idea that the meaning of the name Natalia is “blessed.”

2) Anastasia

russian girls names
Image credit: longanastasiiaa/Instagram

The name Anastasia is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek. The name Anastasia is the female form of the male name Anastasii. Translated from the Greek language, it means “return to life”, “resurrection”, “reborn”, “immortal”. The folk Russian form is Nastasya.

Anastasia is a very popular name for girls especially in Europe, where most of the names are of Christian origin. And now, Anastasia remains one of the ten Russian girls’ names not only for Russian women but also for girls in Belarus, Moldova, Serbia, Georgia, and Montenegro.

The diminutive form Nastya is also used as an independent full name. Anastasia is a rather long name, consisting of five syllables. Almost everyone pays attention to its beauty. Many foreigners also note the tenderness, majesty, and power of the sound of this name. Some people hear certain femininity in it.

3) Alexandra

russian girls
Image credit: nastyasolovey/Instagram

Alexandra is the female name of Alexander. It is Greek in origin, and the interpretation of its meaning is “protector of people,” formed from the Greek words “Alex” (protector) and “andra” (people).

By the way, the female name of Alexander has the same popularity that it had in the last century. Its value can reward the girl with such traits as self-confidence and selfishness, perseverance, benevolence and fairness, sociability, sensitivity, and sensuality.

Sasha is the most commonly used short form of the name Alexandra, which also received independent status in many countries of the world. For example, since the 1970s, it has been very popular in the United States. But in Belgium, France, and also in Quebec (Canada), the name Sasha is much more often given to boys.

4) Polina

russian girls
Image credit: utochka_l/Instagram

Polina is one of the most beautiful Russian girls’ names that sounds like Paulina in English. It has an amazing meaning: a miniature woman with a sunny character and at the same time, she is the liberator of prisoners from the shackles.

It is a French feminine name (Pauline), derived from the masculine name Paul; thus comes from the Latin paulus (“little”, “baby”). Polina is the colloquial form of the name Apollinarius, which means “Solar”. It comes from the name of the ancient Greek sun god Apollo.

5) Alina

russian girls
Image credit: khorlaanova/Instagram

The female name Alina is ancient Greek in origin. It could have formed from the Greek word “angelos”, the meaning of which is translated as “angel”. According to another version, it is also interpreted as “angelic” or “messenger”.

The name Alina is in demand in many countries of the former USSR. It has the strongest energy, promises many good qualities, and is a Russian Orthodox name. At the moment, it is firmly entrenched in a hundred of the most popular Russian girls’names.

It is also believed that the name Alina was originally a short form of the female name Angelina, and only after a while it was attributed to independent Orthodox names. In all cultures, this name promises a girl such traits as commitment, responsibility, nobility, and punctuality.

6) Daria

russian girls
Image credit: aa.blokhina/Instagram

Many people remember the American animated series “Daria” about a cynical and smart girl. Naturally, many parents want to baptize their female heirs as Daria.

This name is very popular in France as well, but it is pronounced with an emphasis on the last syllable there. Girls with this beautiful name can be also found in Italy, Poland, and Greece.

The name Daria has Slavic roots, it is a modern form of the Slavic names Dariona and Darina, that is, the girl “bringing gifts”. Daria is a short name, all consonants in which are voiced. Beauty is its most prominent characteristic. Also, a lot of people note the strength, majesty, and sonorous sound of the name.

7) Victoria

russian girls
Image credit: lera_petrenkoo/Instagram

The name Victoria comes from the Latin word that means “victory.” This name is given the same interpretation. In Roman mythology, Victoria is the goddess of victory, it corresponds to the Greek goddess of victory, therefore the name Nika is the analog of the name Victoria.

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It is generally accepted that this name, “victorious” in origin, is fraught with strength and power, and its owner has an extremely active and stubborn nature.

The name Victoria was borne by members of the royal houses. Queen Victoria of England is a legendary example, who was on the throne for 63 years. As for modern times, this name is often found in the world of fashion and show business.

8) Lyudmila

russian girls
Image credit: suzanna_nova/Instagram

This is another Slavic name that is popular among cute Russian girls. It is known that Lyudmila is consistently among the most common female names in Russia. It was glorified by Russian poets and is also in demand in the Western world.

The meaning of this name is interpreted as “sweet to people”.The name Lyudmila was remembered by the Russian poet of the era of romanticism Vasily Zhukovsky. So he named one of his ballads, which he wrote in 1808. Later, Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin used this name in his poem “Ruslan and Lyudmila,” written ten years later. But the name Lyudmila became popular only in the 30-50s of the XX century.

9) Anna

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Image credit: anna_konic/Instagram

This is a sonorous and beautiful name, its translation is “patient”. Almost every state has its derivative of this name: Annette, Ann, Ana. According to world statistics, Anna firmly holds the leading position in the number of girls bearing this name.

The name Anna is of Jewish origin and comes from the word “חַנּוּן [χanun]”. In modern translation, it is interpreted as “supportive”, but according to the older version, the meaning sounds like “good”. It is often found in the Old Testament (Part of the Bible), that is why it has become even more widespread, especially in Europe and the CIS countries.

10) Olga

russian girls
Image credit: nastyaleon/Instagram

Olga is one of the most beautiful Russian girls’ names widely used around the world. It came to Russia from the north of Europe – Helga, which the Scandinavians translate as “bright”. There is another version – this name has East Slavic roots.

Today, the name Olga can be found in the Czech Republic, Italy, and Spain, as well as in many other European countries. Olga is the female form of the male name Oleg.

Princess Olga can rightfully be considered the first Russian woman leader. At first, she was considered regent with her young son, but in fact, she continued to reign even after her son acceded to the throne, since he devoted most of his time to military campaign

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