2017 spring-summer nail manicure: wire work


Just imagine the thin wire on your nails – really beautiful, elegant and sophisticated look: wire work nail manicure.
This new nail trend captured the attention of the whole beauty world – even those who prefer minimalism in manicure without any nail art will love it. Wirework manicure means having a thin gold-plated piece of wire on your nails.

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Wire work nail manicure looks good on the black or white base, it looks nice both with the neutral and bright base, but the most effective way is to use wires on the transparent nude base, reminding the shattered glass nails – so-called negative space.
One of the most famous nail-masters Eun Kyung Park is responsible for everything, which in popular in manicure nowadays – bracelet nails and shattered glass nails are her creations. Now she has designed wire work nail manicure, and it has already become beloved around the world.

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With these thin wires one may create anything she wants, making any shape: point out the contour of your nails, make lace patterns, use them as a decoration for your nail art – just be creative. Wire work manicure makes a 3D ornament and even helps to make your nails look longer and thinner. Experiment with different lines, heart shapes, and even flower shapes. If you are crafty, try to make an inscription. It really looks attractive, fresh and unusual, so there is no need for expensive rings or other accessories anymore.
If you have very long acrylic nails and if you are brave enough, wrap them in wires.
To make the wire design on your nails you need a 0.3-millimeter metallic wire, which you may find in the special shops for needlework. The thinner your wire will be, the better. It’s very flexible and you may make any ornament of any length from it. Beauty bloggers use golden wires, but silver would be good too.
When you put a piece of the wire on your nail, be sure that it doesn’t go out of its surface, so use a thick layer of the top coat and smooth down the sharp edges of the wire, not to damage your clothes or scratch your skin.
This trend is already very popular on Instagram, hashtag #wirenails, so you may have a look at the work of many manuscripts and amateurs, being inspired with their ideas you may find some nice examples.
Although this look isn’t practical much and isn’t a long-term nail manicure, better to be impressive and eye-catching for a night out, it looks stylish and fresh, so every beauty who wants to stay up-to-date this spring is going to try it.
Don’t hesitate and give a try, as wire work manicure looks unusual and unpredictable, but delicate and fresh.

Impress yourself through your nails, experiment with design and improve your skills inaccurate work. Don’t forget to share your result on Instagram – I’m sure, it will be a good inspiration for other stunning girls.
Share ur view in comments: Do you think wire work nail manicure looks good? Would you like to try it?

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