Mysterious Burning Spacecraft Fell On Dominican Republic, UFO Hunters Say It’s ‘100% Alien’


Many UFO researchers and hunters are stunned after the video of a crashed UFO which was still burning went viral on social media. The video shot on the smartphone depicts some sort of engine that looks alien in nature.

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Mysterious Burning Spacecraft
Unknown Spacecraft Falls On Dominican Republic/ Image Source: UFO Sightings Daily

It was reported that the incident took place in the Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic on Monday. In the video, some local residents can be seen filming the wreckage of a UFO which was still on fire.

Famous ufologist and virtual archaeologist Scott Waring drew the attention of netizens to the video showing a fragment of an unknown spacecraft, and it is not clear whether it is in the territory of the Dominican Republic.


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According to Waring, this mysterious thing is still burning and draws the attention of users to the fire blazing in the hole.

He is surprised how this thing did not kill anyone when it fell from the sky. The grass around the facility provoked a massive fire, which local residents quickly extinguished.

The researcher wonders if this object is manmade. If it was created by humans, then why is there no official information or warning from NASA or any other space agency? Based on this, the ufologist concludes that the object with a high probability may belong to representatives of alien civilizations.

He also wrote:

“If this was from one of the SpaceX rockets…Elon Musk would have warned people in that area of the world. Elon would not just ignore something that big and dangerous to harm someone. So it can’t be SpaceX. So…is it a rocket part? If so…which country is responsible for it? If not…then its 100% alien technology.”

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