US Military Saw Grey Aliens Putting Dead Human Bodies In Container During Vietnam War, Killed One


During the Vietnam War, a US troop was sent to an area close to the Cambodia-North Vietnamese border where they engaged in combat with aliens. In 1972, when the Vietnam war was still going on, a special team of US soldiers was sent to Tong Li Sap, Cambodia, which is situated in south-east Asia.

The operation was essential: to destroy a facility in North Vietnam, which, as it was possible to establish by the US intelligence, was secretly overhearing top-secret conversations of the US Army in South Vietnam.

Aliens during Vietnam war
Leonard H. Stringfield published their story in his book in1991

A SWAT team set up camp overnight, preparing to assault the North Vietnamese team at dawn. In the early morning, the special forces sneaked up to the Vietnamese base, but what they saw there shocked and frightened them.

As the team got closer to the location of the North Vietnamese unit, they suddenly discovered that there was a large spherical spacecraft, which stood on three strong metal supports.

The craft suddenly began to hum, causing instant sickness, dizziness, and disorientation in the US military.

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The group leader was about to issue a command to retreat when a group of strange-looking humanoid creatures appeared.

The US troops were barely frightened after seeing those creatures, but what they were doing, scared the hell out of them.

As per the description given by the soldiers, it can be assumed that they were grey alien.

Aliens during Vietnam war
US soldier injured during the Vietnam war in 1967

The aliens were handling a large pile of various parts of human bodies and placed them in large containers: arms, legs, torso, heads; this horrible list went on and on.

Some were the remains of white people, others were black, and others looked like Vietnamese.

What they saw sobered and angered the special forces, and the commander gave the order to open fire. The bullets hit the creatures, but they did not do any harm, except for one, who was killed by a shot in the head.

Several commandos were killed, while others were seriously affected by the effects of unknown weapons. Then the aliens quickly retreated into the ship and rushed into the sky.

Soon, another CIA team appeared at the scene, and one survivor told them they were all given some kind of mind-altering drugs to make them forget about this incredible fight. And it worked, at least for a while.

However, in the late 1980s, two members of the special forces team who took part in that battle began to have nightmarish memories of those events of April 1972, which prompted one of them to contact many other special forces who were found and who were still alive.

Two had already died, three were not found at all, but the rest were able to meet in August 1988 and decided that this story should be told.

Aliens during Vietnam war
UFO Crash Retrievals: The Inner Sanctum by Leonard Stringfield

They turned to researcher and ufologist Leonard Stringfield, and he published their story in his 1991 book: “UFO Crash Retrievals: the Inner Sanctum.”

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