Most Powerful Explosion Happened In The History Of Universe Since The Big Bang


Astronomers have noticed the consequences of the most powerful energy surge in the universe since the Big Bang.

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According to the International Center for Radio Astronomy Research, traces from an explosion of some unknown nature were recorded in the supercluster of Ophiuchus, which is 390 million light-years from the Earth.

Most Powerful Explosion Happened In The Universe
Supercluster of Ophiuchus

Actually, in fact, the traces of this explosion were first recorded back in 2016, but then the assumption of an explosion caused a lot of doubts. It took the scientists several years to double-check everything and finally confirm it.

The explosion occurred in the vicinity of a supermassive black hole, in one of the cluster galaxies. As a result of the explosion, the substance turned out to be scattered in a huge area of space several times larger than our galaxy in volume.

The energy emission, in this case, is 5 times higher than the previous known record. At the moment, there is no accurate data on the reason for such a large-scale energy release. One of the most plausible assumptions is that a supermassive black hole threw several streams of extremely powerful jets in different directions.

Most Powerful Explosion Happened In The Universe
Most Powerful Explosion Happened In The Universe

Having collided with the substance, those jets carried it to the side, cutting out a giant cavity (dashed curve in the image), but this hypothesis still needs to be verified.

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