Were Humans Created By Aliens Just As A Source Of Energy For Their Needs?


Our species may be part of the “food chain” of cosmic parasites that feed on polarized energy, or a victim of deception, designed to hide our true destiny from us.

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space puppet
Are we part of the space food chain?

Quite often, arguments are being made in favor of the fact that the Earth with the whole universe is a simulation created on some powerful computer by a civilization that is thousands and millions of years ahead of us.

The most troubling simulation option is the one proposed by Google’s machine-intelligence guru Ray Kurzweil:

“Looking at the chaos prevailing in space and on Earth, we can conclude that maybe our whole universe is a science experiment of some junior high-school student in another universe.”

This would mean that our “creator,” who inhabits some other dimension, may not care about his plan and the consequences of its existence. He is completely indifferent to the fate of intelligent beings within the simulation – that is, of us. He does not feel responsible for correcting errors in the simulation in any way, and our attempts to modify and all the prayers are completely meaningless and not effective.

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Perhaps, the system in which we work was created solely to gain power over the infinite human consciousness, which serves as a source of energy for some creatures. The amount of evil and suffering indicates that these creatures are fed mainly on our negative energy. Maybe the goal of these creatures is to control the flow of chakra energy. Population control is possible by the constantly created illusion of division and competition.

Elites gained an understanding of the universal laws of the universe and the illusion of enlightenment. From top to bottom, they were programmed to think that they are someone special and should hide their knowledge from other people. The hierarchy of power does not end with earthly elites and goes far beyond our system. People are not the last link in the space food chain.

An intriguing explanation of who controls the entire system is given by James Mahu, known from the WingMakers project. In his opinion, a creature named Anu (the former King of the Anunnaki) is responsible for everything.

WingMakers project
WingMakers project

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Anu strove for plans on a much broader scale: he wanted to be the God of all beings – interdimensional and spatial (people) – and had the power to control the fate of planets, races, groups, or individuals controlled by those who created the system. Anu believed, or perhaps reasonably explained to himself, that all he did was provide people with interdimensional satisfaction for their desire to serve God.

He did this simply for the authorities, but not the ones that we could have in mind regarding the general director of the corporation or the president of the country. It was a far-reaching force, extending to entire races and planets, although even this was not the real reason. The reason was much more subtle: it was a desire to enslave the Sovereign Integral Consciousness, knowing that it was much more powerful, intelligent and more conscious than even Anu himself.

space puppet
Are we just a space puppet created by Anu?

It was Anu’s real motivation, the desire to control what was above himself. This force cannot be comprehended in our human sphere, and as soon as this force is achieved, he had a desire to get even more power and, therefore, even more, complex control systems. It was these control systems, “superimposed” on each other, which ultimately slowed down the perception of time and, in a sense, allowed Anu to function at a completely different time.

The time difference allowed him to overtake other races and control the outflow of events, similar to the operator of a space puppet. As a result, other races found themselves in a traumatic situation because they were the recipients of events, not their creators. They were outside the stream of creation, still trying to keep up with him, while Anu was thousands of miles ahead, counting his movements, which other races might face at a completely different time.

So, where is the truth?

Even if we were to be astral puppets in the game, then most likely, we cannot find out a dimension that clearly testifies something. We should try to reveal various features and take courage to talk loudly about them.

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tariq mir
tariq mir
4 months ago

interesting ideas, i agree that the answer lies with consciousness and we humans are an advanced species which inhabits colonies across this galaxy and universe , we live in one giant alien zoo. if we break out from our mental prisons we will be able to see what is the reality of these superior beings in our lives. these beings are tremendously advanced in terms of technology and hope technology will save them from their own demise and they perhaps see us as some type of organism that their souls can escape into – they are farming us