Top 10 Most Popular OnlyFans Users Earning In Millions In 2021


Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are trying to make money online. In 2020, the OnlyFans social network became popular all over the world, which is most often used by models and actresses to post exclusive photos and videos for their fans.

OnlyFans is a new social platform similar to Patreon that allows influencers (popular authors and bloggers) to monetize their content by sharing it with other users who pay a monthly subscription fee.

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It offers a wide selection of popular and helpful articles and videos, such as health and fitness tips, dance lessons, culinary blogs, new items from aspiring and famous writers, artists, musicians, and more. Profiles are also maintained by creative people, entrepreneurs, professionals from various fields.

On OnlyFans, subscribers pay authors to view posts on their pages. The price tag is set individually, the minimum monthly subscription cost is $4.99, and the maximum is $49.99. As a rule, people want to see personal photos of famous stars.

In addition to profits from subscriptions, account owners get tips (donations). In addition, they can post and send pay-per-view private messages. In this case, the minimum price tag is $3. Some models manage to get over $50,000 per month.

As with any platform, not everyone succeeds. Every day, there are more and more users on this site, and some of them are popular personalities (singers, actresses, bloggers, etc.). HowAndWhys has selected the top 10 most popular OnlyFans users earning in millions in 2021.

1) Jem Wolfie

Jem Wolfie OnlyFans user
Jem Wolfie Image via Instagram

Jem Wolfie is an Australian Instagram model. The 29-year-old beauty is one of the biggest stars of OnlyFans. Jem has collected millions of subscribers, first on simple social networks, and then started a paid account. In most cases, their photos are not very different from those that she posts on Instagram. Despite this, her income is above $30,000 per month (she has been working since 2018).

2) Vanessa Sierra

Vanessa Sierra OnlyFans user
Vanessa Sierra Image via Instagram/vanessa5ierra

Vanessa Sierra is another Australian persona who starred in talk shows and uses OnlyFans for additional income. She also tries to post almost the same photos as on her Instagram account. But for a fee, she is ready to show something more interesting in private messages.

3) Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann OnlyFans user
Lisa Ann Image via Instagram/thereallisaann

Lisa Ann is an experienced actress. She has starred in more than 500 films and is one of the mature models of OnlyFans. This talented woman opened her own creative agency, leads an active life on the Internet, and shares her personal moments with fans. Lisa’s audience appreciates not only her attractiveness: she makes amazing performances and consistently adds new posts. The subscription cost is $12.99.

4) Gina Stewart

Gina Stewart onlyfans account
Gina Stewart Image via Instagram/ginastewartofficial

Gina Stewart is the owner of one of the most popular OnlyFans users. The star withdraws thousands of dollars from the site every month. She has already changed her apartment for a huge house by the sea and claims that this social network is much better than Instagram, as it manages to publish any content, it is more convenient to communicate and make money. Gina has two accounts, free and paid.

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5) Riley Reid

Riley Reid OnlyFans user
Riley Reid Image via Instagram/official.riley.reid.ig

Riley Reid is one of the popular users of Onlyfans in 2021. For her long career, the girl has won many awards in the media industry. She has a cheerful, sociable, and friendly nature. Riley’s subscribers love her, and they are constantly pampered with new photos that are uploaded daily. The star’s account has more than a thousand pics.

6) Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova OnlyFans user
Mia Malkova Image via Instagram/mia_malkova

Mia Malkova is a nickname, the girl is not from Russia. She is another award-winning actress. The videos and photos in her account are professional. On OnlyFans, she shares exclusive content, talks about her hobbies and life, actively exchanges messages with fans. At the moment, over 1000 photos have been uploaded to her profile.

7) Galina Dubenenko

Galina Dubenenko OnlyFans user
Galina Dubenenko Image via Instagram/galina.dub

Her photos can be found all over the Internet, they are used for promotions, posted in VK groups and other social media platforms. Galina Dubenenko is a model, blogger, and traveler, she offers exclusive content on OnlyFans. She has a lot of fans on this paid social network, and 1.5 million followers on Instagram. The girl did her best to succeed in the career of a professional model, and in 2014, she began to gain popularity. In 2021, more and more people recognize her.

8) Sophie Mudd

Sophie Mudd OnlyFans user
Sophie Mudd Image via Instagram/sophiemudd

Sophie Mudd is another model that is very popular on the Internet. Born in 1998, she is already offered various serious contracts. On Onlyifans, Sophie shares exclusive content for $25 a month. On social networks, she is known as Sophie Rose. She lives in California, is actively involved in sports, and graduated with honors from high school. Despite her numerous pictures on the network, the girl is modest and shy in life.

9) Marta Mayer

Marta Mayer OnlyFans user
Marta Mayer Image via Instagram/martabmw

For $25 a month, Marta Mayer offers her uncensored photos and videos. This girl with an attractive appearance has over 800,000 followers on Instagram. To maintain her figure in perfect condition, she constantly exercises. Marta Mayer was born in Russia but has been living in Germany for a long time.

10) Alina Gorohova

Alina Gorohova OnlyFans user
Alina Gorohova Image via Instagram/alinaagorohova

This girl definitely has a stunning appearance, which can be seen on OnlyFans for $15 per month. Alina Gorohova is from Russia. The 20-year-old beauty is a professional lingerie model. She is also a blogger on Instagram, where she has gained almost 300,000 followers. Alina conducts live broadcasts, actively communicates via personal messages, offers exclusive content for an additional fee.


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