Jennifer Lopez Revealed Her 5 Beauty Secrets To Stay Young & Stunning Forever


Jennifer Lopez keeps shocking the audience with her gorgeous body and stunning looks. It seems that absolutely any outfit perfectly suits her. Fans are still wondering how the diva manages to look so young and continue delighting men around the world.

The beauty conquers the audience not only with her performances. The 51-year-old star also amazes with shots from her trending photoshoots. Lopez likes to focus on her body, so she always tries to emphasize the slenderness of her legs and the elasticity of her forms. However, she looks wonderful even in a simple black dress.Jlo beauty secrets

Jennifer Lopez is one of those stars that does not give a single reason to talk about her love of plastic surgery. At 51, she looks the same as at 30 and 20. And how is it possible along with her crazy schedule? For her fans, JLo easily reveals the secrets of her youth.

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1) Facial care

Jennifer Lopez admits that she is obsessed with regular and thorough face cleansing, especially after the gym. When the skin has sweated well, it is very important to cleanse the pores, and so that it does not look haggard due to the abundant loss of moisture, she moisturizes it with a cream. After moisturizing, Lopez always applies sunscreen and only then moves to apply some makeup.


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“JLo looks gorgeous in her 50s, and first of all, it is due to her genetics,” says plastic surgeon Georgy Chemyanov. “She has pronounced cheekbones, chin, jaws. Such a structure and bone support retain soft tissues and an oval very well, which provide her with a young appearance for many years.”

With age, the skin loses its elasticity. The result is stretch marks and uneven facial contour. Use oils actively – Lopez loves coconut oil – and use collagen serums to tone your skin.

One of Jennifer’s main facial care secrets is anti-dandruff shampoo. Particularly, zinc is in its composition. No, she does not wash her hair with it but uses this shampoo as an antiseptic and drying agent at the first sign of acne. As soon as there is inflammation on your face, try applying such a shampoo. The result will pleasantly surprise you.

2) Sport

Jennifer Lopez showed on YouTube that from time to time, she can afford to eat a piece of cake. JLo chooses food that fills her with maximum energy.

According to the star’s coach, staying fit regardless of the occasional cheat meal is achieved by her real obsession with sports. Lopez does not stop practicing even on her own birthday.Jlo young

“Sometimes, I work too late the night before, and I’m like, ‘Ugh, I can’t do this.’ But I tell myself, ‘Just do it. It’s only an hour’,” Lopez shared in an interview. And to recover from intense workouts, snacks with fruits and vegetables and rest with children help her.

To keep her figure in shape, Jennifer Lopez does “platypus walk,” dumbbell squats, a bar with a fitness ball, push-ups.

3) Never get discouraged and sleep longer

Jennifer knows how important sleep is. “Sleep is my weapon,” she said, “I try to get eight hours a night.”

The celebrity teaches her twins, Max and Emma, to quality rest. The star explained that she makes sure that they sleep at least 10 hours every night. She noted that after a good sleep, they are not capricious and in a great mood all day.

Sleep is not only health but also beauty. Do not neglect this pleasure, clearly realize that getting enough sleep will definitely have a beneficial effect on the condition of your skin, which is confirmed not only by Lopez but also by scientists.

Besides, Lopez has repeatedly stated that the secret of youth and beauty is in striving for the positive. If we frown are unhappy with something or accumulate negative emotions in ourselves, we will get. In short, smile as Jennifer does, sleep well, and forget about age!

4) Sun cream

Many years ago, her ex-makeup artist Scott Barnes told Jennifer not to sunbathe. Since then, JLo has spent less time in the sun and uses more sunscreen. In one of her interviews, Lopez said that Barnes strictly forbade her to sunbathe but she believes that it saved her skin.Jennifer lopez beauty tips

Jennifer’s makeup kit doesn’t have a lot of skincare products. Basically, the singer uses very mild make-up removers and simple moisturizers SPF 30. She is sure that the fewer care products she has, the fewer skin problems she gets.

Puerto Rican by birth, the singer naturally has pale skin, although many people do not believe it. She literally gives off a golden glow! At the same time, Lopez rarely comes out in the sun and only after applying products with the highest SPF to the skin. And to get a chocolate tan, the beauty simply uses bronzers.

Lopez gets an artificial salon tan just once in a few years when it is required by the outfit chosen for a responsible social event.

5) Nutrition

JLo uses exclusively organic products. Besides, her diet is based on fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, eggs, meat, fish, and poultry. Such products, according to the singer, have a great effect on her skin, so the star can ea

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