Last Flying Dinosaur Captured On Camera In The 20th Century


We have mentioned the great ambiguity of the scientific statement that dinosaurs and humans did not exist at the same time. Even when evidence is found, it is usually denied. However, the idea that prehistoric reptiles could survive here and there occasionally ignites the imagination.

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Some people say that the stories of dragons that are present in almost every culture are evidence of the association of our species. Of course, a man with his tools quickly became a too big rival for these animals.

Last Flying Dinosaur
Last Flying Dinosaur

Monsters visible here and there in the lakes can serve as evidence of the survival of plesiosaurs, that is, large floating reptiles, one of the largest animals in the world. Such an opportunity exists, but more populations will be required to ensure sufficient biodiversity.

We know stories about the African Mokele-Mbembe taken as a sauropod. Messages about this animal appear even in our time, and the favorite scientific explanation is a mistake in the classification of a large crocodile.

Among the interesting cases of dinosaurs in our time, there are cases with pterodactyls. A photograph of the allegedly taken pterodactyl is already known. The photo looks like it came from the American Civil War.

Last Flying Dinosaur
Last Flying Dinosaur

Flying reptiles were described in the 1940s in Papua New Guinea. This is indicated by American war veterans, who apparently saw a living pterodactyl there. In any case, such messages come from local residents. Some of them, living on the island of Umboi, reported that the giant flying creature hunts fish in a nearby bay.

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Mysterious animals from Umboi Island were still in high demand in the 1990s. Seriously, scientific expeditions were officially organized to identify new species of birds, but unofficially it could be a search for traces of pterodactyl sites.

We know many cases of the disappearance of organisms that miraculously reappear. Can legendary reptiles survive to this day? Until someone succeeds in obtaining compelling evidence, this idea remains in the realm of agonization.

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