In 2022, An Asteroid 15 Times Stronger Than Hiroshima Bomb Can Hit Earth


NASA has given a warning about an asteroid, whose mass is equal to the largest Egyptian pyramid, is approaching Earth.

American scientists are tracking a large asteroid which in a few years can crash into the Earth. Asteroid JF1 revolves around the Sun and from time to time approaches the Earth at a fairly close distance.

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Asteroid JF1
Asteroid JF1

The approximate date of the disaster is May 6, 2022. In some parts of its flight, JF1 flies past the Earth at a distance of less than 1.3 astronomical units. Thus, this asteroid is considered to be near-Earth, which is of concern to scientists.

This asteroid was first discovered in 2009. Since then, scientists have been constantly monitoring it using the Sentry system, which monitors such objects for possible collisions with the Earth.

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According to the agency, the diameter of the near-Earth asteroid is 130 meters, which brings it closer to the size of the largest pyramid in Egypt.

The report claims that if the killer asteroid hits our planet, the explosion will be equivalent to 230 kilotons of TNT. In comparison, the atomic bomb that the United States dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima in 1945 released energy equal to only about 15 kilotons of TNT.

NASA notes that the probability of an asteroid colliding with the Earth does not exceed 0.026%. However, according to scientists, despite the monstrous power and large size, the asteroid JF1 is unlikely to fall to Earth. The chances of this happening are extremely small.

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2 years ago

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