Green Aliens Welcomed Polish Farmer On Their Spacecraft And Offered Him Honey-Like Food In 1978


In 1978, a polish farmer named Jan Wolski claimed that he had been abducted by the aliens that they took him to their spacecraft for an experiment. “Emilcin Abduction” is considered to be one of the most famous encounters with extra-terrestrials in Poland.

Jan Wolski
Jan Wolski’s close encounter with green aliens in 1978 Image via YouTube

The 71-year-old farmer from the small village of Emilcin in eastern Poland recalled that in the early morning of May 10, 1978, he was riding his horse-drawn carriage through woods when he saw two small humanoid figures with green skin and huge black eyes. As he passed them, the two creatures jumped onto his carriage and started talking in an unknown language.

Wolski said: “All in all, I drove out from behind these bushes and there’s this, well, some car hovering in the air.”

Emilcin Abduction
The sketch of the UFO that had seen by Jan Wolski

He described that the UFO was the size of a mini-bus, white in color, and was making a “buzz” sound. There, he found a lift that took him inside the craft. As the platform rose up, one alien waved his hand in a gesture of inviting him.

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Soon, Wolski found himself inside the aircraft, where the aliens began to carry out strange manipulations with him: they asked him to undress and began to examine his body using devices similar to small saucers.

1978 polan alien encounter
The artistic representation of the green alien that abducted Jan Wolski

According to Wolski, the spacecraft had no windows or portholes, a small amount of daylight came through a passage that resembled a door.

“He held ‘the saucers’ to my front, then turned me around holding my arm slightly. Then he raised my arm up and began to do something at my side with those plates… then from behind and on the other side.”

Interestingly, after the aliens finished the experiment and he got dressed, they even offered him honey-like food, which was in the form of icicles, but he was not in the mood to eat anything. After some time, he was released. The man nodded and said goodbye to them. The aliens also nodded in return.

1978 encounter
Newspaper clipping about the 1978 encounter with aliens in Poland

Wolski was completely shocked about what had happened to him. He told his incredible story to his family and neighbors. His sons gathered people and went to the landing site of the spacecraft, but upon arriving there, they found nothing. There saw only crumpled grass and numerous paths scattering in different directions.

Wolski left his family and neighbors at the landing site and returned home. His sons noticed the footprints but did not say whether they were small or large in size.

Jan Wolski during an interview

Journalists and UFO enthusiasts called the incident “an encounter with the fourth kind.” The case files had been forgotten in the local archive for many years, but then, it was nevertheless made public. Two journalists named Henryk Pomorski and Krystyna Adamczyk interviewed Wolski two months after the incident and recorded him in the tapes which had been kept private for many years.

A ufologist from Łódź, a city from Poland, Zdzisław Blania made the Wolski alien encounter a big sensation in the media. As soon he came to know about the encounter, he went to Emilcin and began his investigation.

He had been publishing articles on UFOs and alien encounters in the press but never attracted a lot of audiences. But he took Wolski’s case seriously and wanted to do everything credible. He even visited a psychologist to confirm that Wolski was an absolutely normal person and had no mental conditions.

poland UFO
A 6-year-old boy, Adam Popiołek claimed to have seen UFO over the village

Blania even managed to find another eyewitness who had seen UFO that day. A 6-year-old boy claimed to have seen a bus-like UFO over the village.

The media started showing interest in his articles and soon, he became popular in the press. On June 6, 1978, an article was published in the Kurier Polski newspaper where Blania said that Wolski had even described costumes worn by the aliens. But this detail was never published.

Blania earned a great profit from the story and even published a book in 1996: “Zdarzenie w Emilcinie.”

Emilcin UFO memorial
Emilcin UFO memorial on which it is written: “On 10 May 1978 in Emilcin a UFO object landed. The truth will astonish us in the future”

This incident is deeply entrenched in the minds of local residents, who had not forgotten about what happened for decades. So, in 2005, a monument was erected in Emilcin which has become a famous tourist spot. Besides, a time capsule was buried next to the monument that is set to open in 3011.

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1 month ago

I think it was Jacques Vallee, a noted French Ufologist, and an adviser in Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind, who spoke about transmogrification of energy, or something like that. It was a long time ago when I read that. The point made is that a UFO can assume any shape it wants. After all, Elijah was taken up in a chariot of fire drawn by flaming horses across the sky overhead.

If it was Vallee, he explained that atoms or molecules (or both?) are drawn together for a short time to form the substance of the object we are looking at, and then, I suppose when they vanish, the material returns to the ether, and the beings viewed also return to what they were as well.

I am no academic, no expert, so don’t hold me to every word here, just keep it in mind, if you are interested, and do your own search. Then you can correct me yourself. But, what I remember is that UFOs have been seen chugging across the sky, spitting out puffs of smoke like old-time cars not kept in good running condition. A cosmic sense of humor, I suppose. But then, it wasn’t funny when at least one crashed near Roswell, NM in 1947. The wreckage, the bodies, most dead, a few not, one alive and others not dead, dying, but after a time, the last one itself dying (possibly euthanized). I used ‘it’ because apparently they were reported (if that autopsy was true) as not having sexual organs. If true, that seems to jive with the traditions that angels were/are asexual.

If angel, then think spirit. What is spirit? Well, we are according to the Genesis account formed of the elements of earth, of exploding stars, and infused by the breath of God with spirit. We are our bodies, but first we are spirits. We die, but we live. Angels are spirit-beings. God is Spirit. We are observing a phenomena around the earth that could very well be teaching us spiritual lessons, even though they behave like things, these saucers or tic tacs or whatever is in view before our eyes or on the radar or picked up by infrared.

So the gentleman in the account above observed a box-shaped thing, and there was a door, but nothing more. It does not matter how they look, they are not coming off of a manufacturing line. They are not made. They are not like automobiles or planes or jets or even trains, they are assimilated out of the parts provided by the universe itself. But, the essence of all of it, including ourselves, is spirit. Drop the matter and the water, the earth receives its own, but spirit returns to the great mysterious ether or to a locale that may appear but not be anything at all. Enter a box and you enter into nothing. A cat smiles, and when the Cheshire disappears, only the smile is left behind. Do you understand? This is the mystery that is encountering all of us, now. But the master of it all, born of Spirit and water and blood, bread of life on which we may feed, is He who first descended before he ascended. But like us, he was born on the earth.