2019 Isaac Asimov predictions which were made 35 years ago are True or Not


Isaac Asimov became an outstanding personality of his time. Many people considered him to be a real genius. In 1983, the science fiction writer made a prediction of how the world will be in 2019. It has been over 35 years since his prediction, but as it turned out, the writer was right in many ways. His assumptions about the future have come true with remarkable accuracy. Of course, one cannot say that Asimov managed to predict everything, but nevertheless, many of his thoughts became reality. Sometimes, it is difficult for us to say what awaits humanity in a year. Let’s find out 2019 Isaac Asimov predictions which were made 35 years ago are True or Not

Futuristic writer

2019 Isaac Asimov predictions
2019 Isaac Asimov predictions/tabletmag

Science fiction writer Isaac Asimov became famous not only for his outstanding works. He called himself a future teller. Probably at that time, his words seemed fiction to people. But after 35 years, we see that the writer was not so far from the truth.

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Many of 2019 Isaac Asimov predictions were correct. In addition, we are already in the year 2019, we have the opportunity to assess how it is for humanity. The writer’s predictions concerned nuclear war, computerization, and the use of space resources.

Computerization of society

The science fiction writer suggested that even before 2019, a war could break out if the United States and the Soviet Union continued the confrontation. In this case, according to Asimov, there is no point in talking about the future, since few will manage to survive in chaos. The writer’s later predictions were more optimistic. According to him, the universal computerization would embrace the world. As we see now, Isaac Asimov was right. It’s unbelievable how he could make such a prediction, as in 1983, computers were rare even in the USA.

2019 Isaac Asimov predictions
2019 Isaac Asimov predictions/BBC

They did not even use large enterprises. Sometimes, computers could be seen at the secretaries who used them to type and print documents. The fact that computerization would have such a global scale, at that time was impossible to believe.

According to the writer, in a short time, people simply cannot do without computers. Moreover, remote regions that are lagging behind in development will suffer the most. It is difficult not to agree with his words. Indeed, at present, the Internet and computers have become the basis of society. It is difficult to find at least some work in which the equipment is not involved, the development of which was so fast.

Asimov predicted less employment in 2019

Before the industrial revolution, most people were involved in agriculture, which at that time had a decisive role. The rest were engaged in related professions, indirectly related to agriculture. In the process of industrialization, there was a quick and very painful transition from farms to factories. Asimov suggested that computerization would occur even more rapidly, but even more painfully, which turned out to be true. Technological progress has always created new jobs, but their number was incomparably smaller than the number destroyed.

Isaac Asimov predictions
2019 Isaac Asimov predictions/massmoment.org

Therefore, the writer suggested that computerization would lead to a reduction in the number of workers. In some ways, 2019 Isaac Asimov predictions were right. In addition, the use of new technology has led to the fact that many professions have become completely different. Also, there are new, associated with the need to repair computers and their improvements.

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Changes in education

Global changes in society require changes in education. All mankind should be able to work on computers and own high technologies. Since changes occur very quickly, most people will have to adapt to new conditions. The writer suggested that many citizens unprepared for new trends would simply end up at a crossroads, not knowing what to do. His words turned out to be prophetic since many professions lost their meaning overnight. Even if they did not leave completely, they were so transformed that it became impossible to work without knowing computer programs. In this sense, the writer’s predictions are very accurate.

Isaac Asimov predictions
2019 Isaac Asimov predictions/Telegraph

As for the education system itself, the writer assumed that it would be completely different by 2019. He believed that children would no longer need teachers since they would be trained only with the help of computers. This forecast was only partially justified. Classical methods are still used in education, although computerization has brought major changes. However, distance learning via the Internet has really partially replaced teaching. Some experts believe that it is likely that in the future there will be no need for familiar education in schools. That’s when the children will learn at home using computers, as predicted by Asimov.

Easy living with robots and cars

Isaac Asimov predictions
Isaac Asimov predictions about robot and cars in 2019/John Nguyen/JNVisuals

According to Asimov, robots and cars in the future will take over all the work, so people will be able to devote their lives to what brings them pleasure. They will have the opportunity to do research, art, literature, and hobbies. As we can see, humanity has not yet reached such progress. And life is hardly possible

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